What Is Deep Tissue Massage Bruising

My mom used to tell me it was “normal” for my shins to feel bruised after a deep tissue massage. I thought there must have been something I was doing wrong. It turns out this is very common among people with leg veins, but believe me, I still didn’t feel like I was doing something right! 

Much of the time when giving a calf massage concentrating on the calf muscles and shin muscles at the same time, some bruising can occur. 

This phenomenon is called deep tissue massage bruising. Deep tissue massage is the more intense form of massage therapy, so it is not surprising that it can produce bruises. These bruises can be scary-looking, but they will likely go away by themselves. They are just a normal side effect and nothing to worry about. 

In this article, I discuss the deep tissue massage bruising that has taken place in the body. 

Recognize The Signs Of A Deep Tissue Massage Bruise

Would you like to know the tell-tale signs of a deep tissue massage bruise? 

Sometimes those bruises can look almost exactly like a healing injury but the difference is a deep tissue massage bruise is actually caused by the therapeutic massaging techniques used in many alternative medicine practices. 

They show up immediately after receiving a deep tissue massage, whereas an injury would take a significantly longer time to show any signs of bruising. To know more about the deep tissue massage chairs visit: https://homenteriors.com/best-massage-chairs-under-800/ 

Understand What Causes Bruising During a Deep Tissue Massage 

A deep tissue massage is an intense form of massage that helps to break down damaged tissues and adhesions in muscles which help to loosen muscle fibers. 

In the process, there can be a lot of pounding or pressure applied by the therapist which under the right circumstances can result in soft tissue damage and bleeding. This will lead to bleeding under the skin which is what causes bruises to form on your body. 

It can be brutal and you may leave with some bruising. However, the results are usually very noticeable. It’s a good choice if you want to get cured of muscle tightness or knots pretty quickly. 

Bruises are caused by a rupture of small blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin, the resulting capillary bleeding is enough to cause blood to collect in the tissues under the skin, which creates the bruise (Weiser). 

The traumatized capillaries can be easily recognized while the blood clots dry up leaving a brownish-purple mark on your skin.

Bottom Line 

Anybody interested in deep tissue massage usually considers it as top-notch service. But we all know that there are cases when this type of massage might end up with some bruises on our body and why those bruises appear.

This article has beautifully summoned all the information regarding deep tissue massage bruising. Thanks for stopping by, and reading about it. 

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