This Austin neighbor rolls onto new ranking of best cities in the U.S.

When it comes to quality of life, the Austin metropolitan area rocks. Both Round Rock and Austin are on’s 2020 list of the best cities in the United States

Round Rock, # 22 on the list, is no stranger to rankings like this one. Last year, Money Magazine named Round Rock the second best place to live in America. Money praised the Austin suburb, citing the suburb’s excellent schools, robust economy and abundance of recreational activities.

A post on the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce website stated that the city of around 118,000 people is “a special place to start and grow a business with a vibrant business community that provides a conducive to success for any one could dream. It’s a special place to find a home and raise a family. It is a special place for friends and activities and purposes that fill your life. “

Austin followed directly behind in 23rd place. As CultureMap previously reported, the capital is so popular that it is on the verge of becoming the tenth largest city in the United States, a ratings website, used various factors to assess a city’s viability, including cost of living, quality of schools, house values, crime rates, employment rates, diversity, and health and fitness.

The Woodlands ranks second, the highest in Texas. The Houston community is second best city to raise a family, third best city to buy a home, and seventh best city for public schools. Almost 120,000 people live in the forests.

“The forests are a great place to live. It offers [a] good cost of living and quality of life. Great food and events. Beautiful trees everywhere and lots of green space to spend time outdoors, ”wrote a reviewer.

Arlington, Virginia tops this year’s ranking of the best cities to live. Other cities in Texas in the top 25 are Plano (No. 5) and Richardson (No. 12).

Plano, Dallas-Fort Worth’s top city on the list, regularly receives awards like this one. For example, Plano ranks first on WalletHub’s 2020 list of the best places to stay in the US for summer. Also this year, Plano appears at number 2 on WalletHub’s list of the happiest places in the country.

According to, Plano, home to around 290,000 people, offers “great neighborhoods, good education, iconic and authentic Texan cuisine, affordable housing and lots of fun activities.”

Here are the Texas cities that made the top 100 list of the best cities in America:

  • Plan No. 5

  • Richardson, No. 12 (No. 5 Best Cities For Retirees)

  • Round Rock, No. 22

  • Austin, # 23 (# 17 Best Cities For Young Professionals)

  • College Station, No. 26

  • Irving, No. 40

  • Denton, No. 53

  • Lubbock, No. 58

  • Houston, No. 66

  • Arlington, No. 77 (No. 11 among various cities)

  • Dallas, No. 79

  • San Antonio, No. 85

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