The Best Canned Ranch Water To Throw In Your Cooler This Summer Comes from Austin, Texas

Ranch Rider Spirits Co. Ranch Water

Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

We already name it. Ranch water will be the drink of summer. You have never heard of the tangy tequila cocktail? Hailing from Texas for starters, it is perhaps the most popular cash order and house cocktail in the state, especially during the summer. And who wouldn’t trust a Texan to find the best way to cool off at 100 degrees? We’ll take your word for it.

If you’ve never tried or made this tequila-based drink, you know it’s insanely simple and only requires three ingredients. The tequila of your choice, a heavy hand of lime juice and Topo Chico. Plus a lot of ice, of course. We’re giving you the best basic Texas Ranch Water recipe ever. However, if you’re more of a takeaway drinker, we’ve got the best canned ranch water to pack in your cooler in your fridge and share with all of your friends this summer. You know, to stay cool.

Believe it or not, until recently, finding quality, authentic ranch water on the beer and seltzer aisle has been quite difficult. Ranch Rider Spirits Co., based in Austin, Texas, was launched in January 2020 with a perfectly balanced, straightforward canned ranch water that hits all the right notes. It’s as Texan as it gets. The brand’s collective cry: “Leave hard seltzer in the dust. Drink something real.” Their version of Texas Ranch Water contains just sparkling water, freshly squeezed lime juice, and reposado tequila – as it should. They keep it simple, which actually tastes much better than any other canned ranch water on the market.

In addition to the classic Ranch Water Cocktail, Ranch Rider Spirits Co. offers three other craft cocktails in cans: Tequila Paloma (made from Reposado Tequila, mineral water and freshly squeezed lime, grapefruit and orange juices); The Chilton (made from vodka, mineral water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and sea salt); and just launched The Buck (made with vodka, bottled water, freshly squeezed lime juice, and ginger).

Originally, Ranch Rider cans were only available in select locations in the Austin, Texas area. Now the brand has rolled out availability in more states including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and across Texas – just before summer. Perfect timing, no? See the store locator here.

Why grab canned ranch water when you can easily prepare the cocktail with just three ingredients? It’s portable, shareable, hassle-free for those who don’t feel at home as a bartender, and can be stacked in a cooler perfect for a garden cookout, outdoor concert, day at sea, beach trip, or any other place that You might be craving for something freezing cold in the summer heat. It doesn’t hurt that the cans look pretty cool, too. Bottom up!

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