The 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Austin

Austin is an incubator for innovative minds and a hotspot for creative people. Austin plays a prominent role in the eyes of young college graduates, which has certainly helped this southwest city become a beacon for fast-growing businesses.

Silicon Hills, as it is called in startup jargon, landed in fifth place on this year’s list of the top 10 cities for fast-growing entrepreneurs. With 84 Inc. 5,000 companies with combined sales of $ 2.5 billion in 2014, this is hardly surprising.

Here are the ten fastest growing Austin-based companies.

10. American Eagle Protective Services

The company was founded in 2002 and ranks 427 at this year’s Inc. 5000. The company specializes in providing professional security and facility services for commercial and government agencies. American Eagle Protective Services had revenue of more than $ 86 million in 2014, an increase of 1,107 percent since 2011.

9. Lone Star Bloom

The stationary flower company operates nine stores in four states. Between 2011 and 2014, the company hired 140 employees and increased its annual turnover by 1,192 percent. Last year it grossed $ 6.6 million. Lone Star Bloom is number 394 on this year’s list of 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies.

8. Craft infrastructure

Although this IT services company has only been in business for four years, it has grown annual sales more than 1,433 percent and made more than $ 13 million in 2014. Artisan Infrastructure ranks 327th on this year’s list and provides wholesale technology infrastructure for managed service providers, communications providers, telecommunications data centers and independent software providers.

7. Think Tech Labs

Think Tech Labs has been developing mobile app software for private and commercial real estate agents since 2007. This year it is the second time on the Inc. 5000 at position 226. The founder and CEO Vijay Mehra has led Think Tech to three points – Annual sales growth of more than 1,953 percent with almost 9.9 million US dollars in 2014 .

6. Main Street Hub

Main Street Hub, an automated marketing platform that integrates social media, web, mobile, and email marketing for its customers, is taking the Texas marketing industry by storm. Ranked # 219 on this year’s list, the company lost more than $ 16 million in 2014, an almost 2,000 percent increase in revenue since 2011. Co-CEOs Matt Stuart and Andrew Allison increased their workforce from just 43 in 2011 to more than 440 in 2014.

5. RxWiki

RxWiki has been connecting patients and pharmacists since it was founded in 2010 – and this healthcare company has grown rapidly. Since 2011, sales have increased more than 2,000 percent from around $ 110,000 to over $ 2.3 million. This puts RxWiki in 205th place in this year’s Inc. 5000.

4. iTexico

Ranked 188th on Inc. 5000, this IT company provides affordable mobile and cloud services and employs software teams based in Guadalajara, Mexico. iTexico was founded in 2010 by Anurag Kumar, Abhijeet Pradhan and Guillermo Ortega. Since 2011, the company has grown 2,231 percent, with nearly $ 4.2 million in 2014.

3. Outbound engine

This marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses automates the delivery of timely, tailored emails as well as social media and contact marketing programs. Outbound Engine was founded in 2010 by CEO Branndon Stewart and has ranked 136th among the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. The software company had sales of $ 4.4 million last year, up more than 2,774 percent since 2011.

2. Kohana coffee

The nine-year-old company spices up the Texan coffee scene with cold brews, ready-to-drink coffee products and roasted coffee. Making its second appearance on Inc. 5000, Kohana Coffee was founded by Victoria Lynden and had sales of more than $ 5.2 million in 2014. This corresponds to an increase of more than 2,809 percent since 2011. This puts Kohana in 133rd place on this year’s list.

1. Lunch collection

Inspired by two talented Ugandan jewelry designers, Jessica Honneger launched the Noonday Collection in 2010 to help designers in developing countries create jobs in their communities. Noonday sells jewelry and accessories sourced from its fair trade artisans around the world. In 2014 the company, No. 45 of Inc. 5000, had sales of nearly 12 million US dollars, an increase of more than 5,500 percent compared to 2011.

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