Texas’ oldest barbecue joint opens near Austin and more top stories

Editor’s note: It’s that time again – time to deal with our top stories. Here are five articles that caught our collective attention over the past seven days.

1. The oldest grill joint in Texas opens a drive-through restaurant in suburban Austin. What’s the only thing more Texan than grilling? A grill passage. Southside Market & Barbeque, the 134-year-old meat supplier, has opened its fourth location near Austin and has a takeaway window.

2. The Austin suburb is planning new HEBs with enhanced amenities. HEB continues to expand its presence in Austin. Next up is a new shop in Leander.

3. 4 acre South Austin brewery with tasting room, playground, and food truck. Meanwhile, Brewing Co. opened in South Austin this weekend. Bottom up!

4th Jimmy Fallon jointly donates $ 15,000 to the Struggling Theater in Austin. The late night host partnered with Austin-based Indeed to give $ 15,000 to a local comedy theater.

5. 6 Things To Eat In Austin Right Now: The homemade burger bar hops to the first position on the east side. A popular burger bar opens in East Austin, a New York-style restaurant welcomes diners to Lakeway and other local food news.

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