Still Austin Whiskey Co. to Launch a Bourbon Whiskey

Austin, Texas– Austin Whiskey Co. is still planning to launch its first aged product, a bourbon whiskey, in the spring of 2019. The whiskey will contain 100% Texas corn, rye, and barley grown by local farmers. The bourbon whiskey was 100% ground, mashed, fermented, distilled and hand aged at the distillery in the heart of South Austin at 440 East Saint Elmo Road.

“We take great pride in working directly with Texas farmers to be a true grain and glass distillery,” said John Schrepel, Still Austin Head Distiller. “We put a lot of emphasis on the grains of our whiskeys and we’re really happy that people can try them.”

Using a slow water reduction technique, Schrepel refines the flavor of the whiskey by slowly reducing the proof as the spirit ages. Each barrel is currently tasted monthly and only the best barrels are selected for a limited initial release. The slow water reduction process improves the maturation of the bourbon whiskey and helps to realize the full potential of the spirit.

Even so, Austin is working with Master Blender, Nancy “The Nose” Fraley, to determine the optimal reduction process that takes advantage of the unique Texas environment. Nancy is impressed with the aging of the spirit and said, “The whiskey is making great progress. I have never tried a whiskey that achieved what that whiskey did so early on. I am very excited about this product. I think you have a real gem in your hand. “

In addition to bourbon whiskey, Still Austin’s liquor collection also includes Texas Rye Gin, New Make Whiskey, Mother Pepper Whiskey and Daydreamer Whiskey, all made from 100% Texas-grown grain.

About Still Austin Whiskey Co..

Founded by three families in Austin in 2017, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a true grain-to-glass distillery. It is the only distillery within Austin city limits. All spirits are handcrafted from grain grown by Texan farmers. Still Austin’s liquor collection includes Texas Rye Gin, New Make Whiskey, Mother Pepper Whiskey and Daydream Whiskey, all of which are slated to launch their first bourbon whiskey in 2019. Still, Austin puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability, with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions from local produce sourcing, increasing the biodiversity of our area through heritage grains, returning used grains to local ranchers to feed their animals, and operation of a distillery designed for energy efficiency and water protection. The distillery offers tours and tastings from Wednesday to Sunday, as well as private events. For more information, please visit and follow Still Austin on Facebook at, Twitter @StillAtX and Instagram @Still_ATX.

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