Still Austin Whiskey Co. Introduces “The Naturalist”

Austin, TX – Even so, Austin Whiskey Co., a local distillery in the heart of South Austin, has released a complete packaging rebrand for their American gin, the first rye gin made in the Lone Star State. The 100% handmade gin is produced in a unique way from a special base of 70% Brasetto rye and 30% non-GMO white corn, which is provided by Texan farmers. The spirits are then ground and distilled in small 100-gallon batches in a copper pot in-house. Here, the distilled base gasoline absorbs the various gin botanicals, including organic juniper berries, coriander seeds, cinnamon, citrus peel, elderflower, and allspice berries, while still going through the distillery’s 42-foot-tall custom pillar. The end result is a perfectly balanced gin, bottled with 90 Proof (45% ABV), which has an initial brightness, a creamy mouthfeel, soft floral and citrus notes, an earthy character, rye spice and a warm finish. In the words of Master Blender Nancy Fraley, known for her unparalleled ability to detect flavors, the gin is “exceptionally balanced, beautifully blended and a pleasure to drink”.

A new label, of course

For the new Custom Gin label, Still Austin commissioned the internationally recognized artist and native Texan Marc Burckhardt to paint a series of portraits of “idealized” Austinites. These are visual representations of archetypes, a way of conceiving a “new Austin mythology” by celebrating the innovative people who make the city what it is. Each label conveys an impression of the people who influenced and inspired the team and at the same time pays homage to the Texan terroir. The first label in the series, released last July, featured “The Musician,” the character of the distillery’s straight bourbon label that pays homage to the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Now the American gin, also known as “The Naturalist”, becomes the second in the series. The woman in the picture is satisfied: surrounded by lush landscape, inspired by majestic beauty and saturated with the raw treasures of the earth, including the multitude of botanicals of the spirit hidden in the green surroundings.

“For The Naturalist, we manufacture a bespoke, in-house base that is distilled with a lower ABV than your traditional grain-neutral spirit,” said John Schrepel, Head Distiller. “The result is an accessible gin with structure and nuance that highlights 12 botanicals that complement the unique rye base and create a well-rounded, complex experience.”

Grain-to-Glass Philosophy

Still, Austin is an independent artisanal whiskey distillery that was founded in 2015 and focuses on a true grain-and-glass concept that produces the highest quality whiskey using local resources and sustainable practices. Like “The Naturalist”, Still Austin sees itself as an integral part of a larger landscape and wants to let the natural world shine through its work as a distillery. To achieve this goal, the team is doing everything from scratch – grinding the grains, fermenting the mash, and distilling the spirit in two types of stills – until a perfectly balanced gin is made, made in small quantities using real botanicals.

In August 2020, the New York International Spirits Competition named Still Austin “Texas Gin Distillery of the Year”. The distillation team is led by Head Distiller John Schrepel, Master Blender Nancy Fraley and seasoned Master Distiller Mike Delevante, one of the most skilled and respected distillers in North America who designed the Still Austin distillery to produce the highest quality bourbon. This includes a 42-foot custom-made column, “Nancy” (and her sister, Kupferkessel, still “The Queen”), which gives the distillers serious creative license to create unique new flavors and spirits.

Where to buy

Still Austins Gin can now be ordered online through the Still Austin website: In the coming weeks, gin aficionados will see the brand across Texas in 375ml and 750ml bottles in fine liquor stores at suggested retail prices of $ 16 and $ 32, respectively.

About Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Founded in 2015 by three families in Austin, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a true grain-to-glass distillery located at 440 East St. Elmo Road in the heart of Austin, Texas. All spirits are handcrafted from grain grown by Texan farmers. Austin’s spirits collection also includes the flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey (also known as “The Musician”) and American Gin (also known as “The Naturalist”). However, Austin attaches great importance to sustainability. The focus is on reducing CO2 emissions through local sourcing, increasing the biodiversity of the region through heritage grains, returning used grain to local ranchers to feed their animals, and running a distillery that runs on energy designed is efficiency and water protection.

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