Snupe Daniel, leading Black voice in Austin radio, shares story

Hello everyone: Snupe Daniel

Jonathan ‘Snupe’ Daniel is a familiar face to those watching Good Day Austin, but he’s also a leading black voice on Austin sports radio. Leslie Rangel from FOX 7 Austin tells his story.

A leading black voice on Austin radio tells his story of the Philippines adoption and why he’s grateful to be one of the few black men on the radio.

According to a 2020 report by the Radio, Television, Digital News Association, only 6.8 percent of people on radio news are black.

Jonathan “Snupe” Daniel is a regular at Good Day Austin as he chats about college sports and trending topics.

He also keeps the hours down from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on 104.9 The Horn.


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Snupe is also a household name to anyone who plays high school sports in central Texas through FLX ATX.

What you may not know is that Snupe’s story begins more than 8,400 miles away in the Philippines.

“I was like naked on a wooden table and I had my bottle next to me and there were ants climbing up and down like a ton of ants on the Similac, like bad, bad, bad, it was a bad situation,” says Snupe I remember a story his adoptive parents always told him.

He says he was his parents’ second choice to be adopted at an orphanage in half a world, but he doesn’t think it’s a bad thing.


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“Thank god I live in America! If I lived over there I’d probably be dead because I’m very allergic to shellfish. They eat a lot of shellfish there. Who knows I don’t even have it?” I made it after a or two, so I came here and that’s another reason I feel very happy, “says Snupe, telling his story of coming to the US

After his adoption, he says that his gratitude for life guides his every move.

“Even like 10 years ago, if you had told me what to do now, God, I would have been like this. ‘Oh my God!'” Says Snupe with a huge smile.

Call it god or coincidence, someone has been looking for Snupe since the Philippines.


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His radio career began as a janitor at 106.1 KISS FM in Dallas.

“It was actually a caretaker internship, I was just there to clean out the closets, wash the grease out of the garage, so my opportunistic me, Kidd Kraddick, actually wrote a note and put it in his box and said, ‘Hey, me’ m snupe, I work here but I don’t program. If you ever need anything I’ll be here at four in the morning. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it ‘and then the next day I had the internship! “Snupe remembers.

He credits the late Dallas radio legend Kidd Kraddick for giving him a chance.

“When I first put these headphones on, I was thrilled and said, ‘I’ll do this for the rest of my life’ like it was a long journey that was ’98!” Said Snupe.

The rest is history, it found its way to Austin, Texas.


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“I couldn’t get a full time job in Dallas, you know what it is like, it’s super competitive, it’s just hard to get a gig if you don’t have any experience,” says Snupe. “So I had to move to Austin, my first radio concert was at 101X, a rock station, and I was like the person who’s always trying to break the mold … I just always wanted to do a rock radio for whatever the reason and that was the first job I got was 101X and it was great that I worked on the morning show, I got paid, I also worked at Jamba Juice, I’m a part time radio operator but then I got mine get the first sports gig at The Zone, “

It was this sports gig that would turn Snupe’s life in a different direction.

“We were just covering Westlake and they wanted me to expand a bit more and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know, can someone cover all schools at the same time? That’s too much,'” recalls Snupe.

It was a challenge that Snupe took on.


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Today he is the face of high school sports coverage in central Texas with a team of high school correspondents at FLX ATX.

“It’s something I discovered by accident and I’m so good at it, you know? Like not in the Braggadocio way, but like, how could I not? I mean when I see the reaction and it almost knocks me out How why Are children so interested in my attitude, in my perspective on university sports? “Says Snupe as he ponders on his journey.

“I love it because it puts everyone on the same level, whether I covered Lake Travis or Vandergrift or Georgetown, Cedar Park or LBJ, Manor, it puts everyone in the same grouping regardless of color of financial status or success or not success, “says Snupe.

Diversity is important to him, Snupe says he’s one of the few black men on Austin radio.


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“I really think being black helped. My attitude seems above all else,” says Snupe. “I was probably the first interaction with people with color that a lot of these people had, and you know, usually people without color, usually have their clicks and they grow up and they have stereotypes about other people because they don’t really me interact with someone outside of people on a daily basis, I really feel that it is a privilege and an honor to do what I do and just give people a new look, or maybe even a first look give, “says Snupe.

It is a glimpse into the life of this man who lives every moment in gratitude.

“I feel like I’ve already won everything I do, so I’ll just keep going

You can catch Snupe on Good Day Austin for Friday Fox Football, Friday Fox Hoops and 104.9 The Horn Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM and Thursday evenings for FLX ATX at 8:00 PM

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