SFC Austin Looks To Increase Access To Local, Healthy Food

AUSTIN, TX – Amid the pandemic and recent unprecedented winter storms, Texans have struggled in a short amount of time. With Austin continuing to grapple with much of the storm’s damage and the effects of the ongoing health crisis, community support has never been more important.

The Sustainable Food Center (SFC), whose mission is to promote a just and sustainable food system for people and the environment to flourish, encourages the community to increase their efforts through donations through the Amplify Austin initiative March 4-5, 2021 support. AmplifyATX.org is a local-purpose resource in central Texas. Designed to help central Texas recover and early gifts support nearly 700 nonprofits in critical need.

To ensure that local foods continue to play a vital role in feeding communities, SFC is seeking to raise $ 22,000 to help local farmers, improve access to healthy local foods in Austin, and support a healthy community for to push everyone forward. Your Amplify Austin gift will help SFC:

  • Support the long-term health of Central Texans by providing free cooking and nutrition classes, and free gardening education and resources, to our local community.
  • Improve access to healthy, local food by providing Double Up Food Bucks to SNAP and WIC attendees at farmers markets and cellphone markets across Austin.
  • Support farmers and ranchers in central Texas by providing business support services, buyer matchmaking, and customer relationships at our SFC Farmers Markets.
  • Promote measures to support regenerative agriculture and food security for communities facing systemic barriers to healthy eating.

For more information on SFC and to donate to their efforts through Amplify Austin, click HERE.

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