Sewer overflow in NW Austin caused by power outage at lift station

Austin Water said a sewer overflow at a northwest Austin lift station was caused by a power outage due to the severe winter weather in central Texas.

Crews respond to the overflow at the Texas Plume Lift Station at 8431 Spicewood Springs. Austin Water says the overflow began early Friday morning and that operations staff are currently working to stop and contain the spill, which has reached approximately 100,000 gallons.

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Crews in the greater Austin area are working to restore power and prepare for the cold

Thousands woke up in the dark on Friday morning. The supply teams have worked all day to restore power and continue to prepare for further storms.

According to Austin Water, the company is currently working with contractors to contain the overflow and repair the lift station. Recovery, transport, and cleanup will continue.

The overflow did not affect Austin’s drinking water supply, according to Austin Water. Texas Commission of Environmental Quality officials have been made aware of the situation.

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Austin Water officials demand:

  • Individuals using private drinking water supply wells within a 1/2 mile of the overflow point or in the potentially affected area should only use water that has been distilled or boiled in a roller-kettle for at least one minute for all personal purposes, including drinking has been. Cooking, bathing and brushing your teeth. People with private water wells should have their well water tested and, if necessary, disinfected before stopping distillation or boiling.
  • People buying water from another public water supply can contact their water supplier to determine if the water is safe for personal use.
  • The public should avoid contact with waste, soil or water in the area potentially affected by the overflow.
  • If the public comes in contact with any waste, soil, or water that may be affected by the spill, they should bathe and wash clothing thoroughly as soon as possible.


According to the National Weather Service, a winter weather report for central Texas will be issued from Monday, February 13, 6:00 a.m. to Monday, February 15, 6:00 a.m. The residents of the region can now expect stormy, rainy and cold conditions throughout the region.

Temperatures remain nearly constant, with peaks between the lower 30s and the lower 40s. North winds will be gusty at 15 to 25 miles per hour. Some freezing rain can mix with rain, especially in the hill country.


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