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Turmeric has long been an essential ingredient in the cuisine of many cultures, but recently people have embraced it for its purported health benefits. Considered an anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, the rhizome has become one of the biggest food trends of 2017. Austin restaurants offer their own dishes.

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The stationary version of the popular South Austin trailer is a temple to Austin’s healthy set. No wonder they created a drink that combines two superfoods – turmeric and matcha. Their Golden Milk Matcha – made with medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, turmeric, coconut milk, matcha, chai blend, maple, and grass-fed whey – is a perfect alternative to coffee for boosting focus and brightening your mood.

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The psychedelic Eastside restaurant menu features a Tex-Mex twist on Indian cuisine, using traditional spices in an unconventional way. All of their Fusion tacos contain turmeric, but we can’t get enough of the goat masala version that comes with a side of their addictive dal soup.

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Curcuma is so dedicated to the healing properties of turmeric that they named their food truck after the superfood. Hungry? Take the kitchari bowl with vegetables, quinoa and mung beans, topped with a turmeric tahini dressing. Not only will you be deliciously satisfied, but you’ll also feel better about what you are building into your body. If you’re looking for something to sip, they also offer Golden Mylk – a mix of turmeric, spices, and coconut milk – served warm or frozen.

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Boiler Nine Bar + Grill

The hopping Seaholm restaurant may focus more on taste than health, but the menu has plenty of fresh and seasonal dishes that won’t ruin your diet. If turmeric is your thing, look for their colorful sweet potato tartare made with avocado, black sesame seeds, turmeric oil, and sesame crackers. It will bring you a lot more zen than your homemade buddha bowl.

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The Southwestern Mini chain is known for their selection of salads, but we love them for their botanical cocktails. Get one of their turmeric mimosas for brunch or their Fiery Lion, a perfect prelude to dinner with orange juice, turmeric root, Plymouth gin, Grand Marnier and a dash of grenadine. After dinner, combine the almond milk-based golden nog with the lemon cheesecake.

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Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant

Turmeric is just as important in Ethiopian cuisine as it is in Indian cuisine and forms the basis of many traditional recipes. Aster’s Alicha Beggar wott simmers lamb in a curry turmeric sauce, garlic and spices, and their Alicha-Menchet Abesh uses a similar base for ground beef. If we’re craving a turmeric-heavy plant-based meal, the Atakelt Wott with cabbage, green beans, onions, carrots, garlic, and ginger is hard to beat.

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Snap Kitchen

When we’re looking for a healthy lunch and we’re facing a deadline, Snap Kitchen is our place to go. Our preferred double dose of turmeric is the chicken tikka, paired with a turmeric tonic made from apple, pineapple, jicama, and basil.

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