Popular Cajun chef flies into East Austin with new fried chicken truck

The Austin-based cook and owner of a food truck known for serving “damn good Cajun” rates is on the rise with her new offering: a fried chicken food truck concept called Tender Thighs.

Louisiana-born chef Lynzy Moran, culinary creative and owner of drooling Cajun fanatic Baton Creole, has her gold-glittering Tender Thighs food truck on the back patio of Shangri-La, the East Sixth Street bar where Baton lived for a long time , Creole, who has moved to SoCo, opened in front of The Sagebrush venue at 5500 S. Congress Ave.

Moran will also be opening a second Tender Thighs spot (they come in pairs, right?) On High Noon on East Cesar Chavez Street, but there’s no word on an opening date yet.

While many other Austin restaurants have been stalled and been unable to keep business going during the pandemic, Moran has continued to expand her food truck queen and staff. The introduction of Tender Thighs was due in part to the success of Baton Creoles Fried Chicken Tuesday, which featured Moran’s boneless offerings – made from thighs rather than chicken breasts. So she turned to the bird, focusing on three basic principles for tender thighs: “Keep it simple, make it sexy, serve fried chicken.”

In addition to Moran’s typical roast chicken tenders, a highlight of the Tender Thighs menu is the sandwich Between the Buns – as playfully decadent as the name suggests, with a stack of tenders topped with allspice cheese and chimichurri and served on a brioche bun.

Moran also serves some of her favorite noshables, such as sweet and salty hand-cut french fries, homemade allspice cheese, and a variety of dipping sauces. And without leaving out the vegetarians and vegans among us, Moran offers Tempting Tempeh, a plant-based fried chicken substitute, on the Tender Thighs menu.

Tender Thighs at Shangri-La is open Monday through Sunday from 3pm to 2am. The opening times for the Tender Thighs location at High Noon will be announced as soon as this location is operational.

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