One of Austin’s best pizzerias closing original location after 7 years

One of the best pizzerias in Austin is closing.

Bufalina, supplier of the city’s best Neapolitan cakes, is closing its original East Austin location on Sunday, February 28th. One of the rare places that is both a popular and tourist destination in the neighborhood, the restaurant posted the news on social media.

“We had an amazing seven and a half years (!!!) and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making our little place so special: the pizza nerds and wine freaks, our first-time visitors and regulars, our suppliers and retailers, all of us Industry fans, the great Austin food media, all of our employees … “wrote the restaurant. “We had no idea what to expect when we opened our doors in 2013 … for many of us we found both family and community.”

Owner Steven Dilley first opened the East Cesar Chavez restaurant with a relatively uncomplicated selection of starters, pizzas and salads. Although housed in a small space, Bufalina quickly garnered widespread recognition, including awards for its pizzas and expertly crafted wine list. It has since spawned a location on Burnet Road and a popular online wine store, both of which remain open.

In an interview with the Austin American-Statesman, Dilley confirmed that the building that houses Bufalina and the neighboring Peacock, a hair salon, is being demolished to make way for new development.

And while it’s the end of that era of Bufalina, the restaurant can’t be done with East Austin. In his statement, Bufalina teases that it could be back – and soon.

Until then, the pizzeria fans still have a few weeks to say goodbye. In anticipation of final operations, the restaurant is currently taking reservations for its outdoor “terrace” set up in its parking lot in response to the pandemic. Reservations are quick and can be made through Tock.

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