North Austin restaurant shells out inventive twists on chicken salad

If you love chicken salad we have the restaurant for you.

The aptly named Chicken Salad Shop is now open on Burnet Road and serves – wait – all kinds of chicken salads. At the head of the operation are the co-owners and married couple Ivan and Molly Mills. Molly previously worked as a cook at the legendary Hill Country Restaurant, Hudson’s on the Bend, before joining Ivan Vanilla Orchid Catering more than a decade ago.

For their latest project, the duo are constantly making chicken salad with “tasty” offerings like The Texan (fried chicken salad with bourbon peaches, grilled pecans, bacon and jalapeño jelly); The Big Blue (grilled chicken salad, dried blueberries, and toasted pecans); or the James Banh (spicy Thai peanut banh mi chicken salad with shredded carrots, fresh jalapeño, cucumber, avocado, Thai peanut sauce and jalapeño jam).

And chicken salad purists shouldn’t despair; The restaurant also offers Mee-Maw’s classic chicken salad with grilled chicken, mayonnaise, mustard, and herbs.

Each order can be made into a sandwich, wrap or salad. Customers can choose between Texas toast, croissant, ciabatta, sourdough, sun-dried tomato wrap or gluten-free bread. For those who want to take the chicken salad home with them, chicken salad comes in single and party pack options.

Despite the name, vegetarians and vegans have a handful of meat-free “chicken” salad options to choose from, including a chickpea and apricot salad sandwich and a meat-free version of the shop’s Big Blue and Chipotle Chicken recipes.

For those traveling to the Chicken Salad Shoppe but don’t want a chicken salad, the restaurant also offers homemade soups, half a pound of monster cookies, and fresh side dishes like mixed grilled vegetables and pasta salads.

The concept is currently only open for take away and delivery as it is operated from a ghost kitchen in the couple’s Vanilla Orchid Catering concept.

“We originally planned to bring a stationary operation onto the market,” says Ivan in a press release. “After a few months, we realized that Covid wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. Instead of sitting on that concept, we decided to start as a ghost kitchen in the middle of a pandemic, hoping to keep our stellar chefs busy in this one, too To offer something new and fun in a safe way. “

The Chicken Salad Shoppe is now only available on the roadside and at 7433 Burnet Rd. To order, go online or call 512-790-7790. The Chicken Salad Shoppe is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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