New mixed-use complex headed for East Austin corridor

The award-winning architecture firm Dick Clark + Associates from Austin will develop a mixed-use property on a booming corridor in the East Side, some of which will serve as the new headquarters. The company recently announced plans for the two-story, 9,600-square-foot construction project, which will be located at 2120 East Seventh Street. The contemporary and modern European furniture showroom Scott + Cooner will occupy the sales area on the ground floor.

The project includes the adaptive reuse of the existing building of the site where the Mustang pawn shop is currently located. The company’s design retains the shell of the two-story concrete structure, but includes significant improvements, including floor-to-ceiling glass windows on both floors, a shared roof terrace and a balcony.

Additionally, the 4,900-square-foot office space on the second floor will have an open floor plan with breakout space, similar to the style it is creating for commercial boutique clients that is designed to create a collaborative and interactive environment.

The redevelopment is in a block with the longtime Tex-Mex restaurant Los Comales, the inconspicuous newcomer Treasure City Thrift Store, a convenience store and a gas station mix of recently opened restaurants and complexes and older businesses. At the same time, it will undoubtedly influence the future stylistic direction of the renovation along the corridor.

The late Clark and his company, which were founded in Austin more than two decades ago, have significantly shaped the appearance of the modern city with its acclaimed residential and business projects. “When the Dick Clark + Associates office moved to the Warehouse District in 1995, Dick was a pioneer in the neighborhood and his work helped define the area as we know it,” said Mark Vornberg, CEO and Partner of Company. “As the city continues to grow exponentially, the role of ‘architect-developer’ is becoming increasingly important to us as a company, and developing this project is a great opportunity for us to have a similar impact on the East Seventh Street corridor.”

Construction on the project will begin this month and is expected to be completed in early 2020.

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