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Mr. Churro opened in North Austin last month and is now offering its eponymous take-away dessert. Owner Ash Ahuja gives the treat an Indian-American twist with menu options like cardamom and churro with brown sugar and another one with dried ginger and fennel.

I love churros to open in San Antonio by the end of the month. Guests can customize their churros at a topping bar, which includes indulgences like ganache, condensed milk, and Bavarian cream. Gelato and espresso are also on the menu.

Poynter says tacos are good for journalism. Do we agree?

A new Facebook group called “We want to see your taco, please” takes off. Unlike pretty much any other social media forum, it’s refreshingly devoid of negativity. Users simply share photos of tacos – both homemade and from restaurants – and discuss how tasty they were.

A Californian man is broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest pile of tortillas. Angel Dust-Zayas completed the challenge as part of a video for BuzzFeed’s Pero Like series on YouTube. The tower reached a height of 32.1 inches.

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias says his favorite city is San Antonio. He also endorsed this during a Reddit Ask Me Anything discussion Garcia’s Mexican food– a favorite of our barbecue and taco editors.

COVID-19 has forced Rosarios Owner Lisa Wong is said to be putting a renovation on hold. The longtime restaurateur continues her plans to convert the old El Mirador property into yet another outpost of her San Antonio facility.

The pandemic also forced the postponement of the second year in Mexico City Coca-Cola Metate Taco Festival. No new date has been set for the event.

Old heirloom grains is the newest heirloom of the state of Mexican corn olinero and tortilleria. The company settled in San Antonio this month.

South Padre Island Food Trucks, Including Vegetarian Taco Stand Chile de ArbolNow you have more freedom to work. According to the Institute for Justice, a legal nonprofit that represented food truck owners,[The Cameron County] The district court ruled the city violated the Texas Constitution by forcing food truck owners to seek permission from local restaurant owners before they were eligible for food truck permits and by opening more than twelve food trucks declared illegal on the island. ”

Simon Madera and his partners behind Austin-Joint Taco Flats and La Holly are taking over Micklethwait’s stationary location in Smithville. The new project, Carne Lenta, will specialize in slow frying and smoking of local and slaughtered beef. It opens on December 19th.

In surprising Austin Food News, Gabe Erales is the Executive Chef of Comedor.

Taco Fuego, a new monthly Austin popup, is Reviving past Taco Bell items.

Tacodeli has expanded its retail offering. The company is now taking online pre-orders for 16-ounce jars of its mole, based on a recipe developed by the founder’s mother, Roberto Espinosa.

Taco Beats & Bites takes over the former Taco Stop room in Dallas.

For more than three decades Six giant sculptures of dancing frogs on the roof of a taco cabana in Dallas. They were the work of the great artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade. Almost a year after closing this TC location, the chain has announced that the beloved works of art have a new home: They are moving up the street to the beer garden and the Truck Yard’s food truck park.

The Dallas Observer withdrew its virtual one Tacolandia Taco Festival. The food critic of the Alt-Wochenzeitung also mentioned Revolver Taco Lounge as the best restaurant in town.

NHK, Japan’s largest television broadcaster Maskara’s Mexican Grill and interviewed yours really.

A reminder that tacos are a driving force: our fast food taco rankings made one Houston Chronicle Writer feel better about herself.

Central Track founder Pete Freedman is a fan of Fuel city Gas station tacos. We respectfully disagree.

They’re not the best in town, but it has to be said: Fuel City’s tacos are * okay *, and the hatred they get for people tired of being called the best is out of control devices.

– Pete Freedman (@PeteFreedman) December 5, 2020

Restaurants across the state are still offering tamale specials for the holidays. Tamales! Tamales. Tamales. Tamales. Get your tamales. Then get some more tamales.

Or go the interactive map routelike the Houston Chronicle did.

On this subject Alexandra Aguilar, owner of coriander in Bryan and Tacos La Perlita in College Station shares her love for Tamalada. “Tamales are a way of showing love and connection.”

What’s the next best thing to eat tamales? Of course, if you read aloud to your children about tamales. The National Hispanic Cultural Center has your reading list.

Birria madness continues. The Birria man Food truck in Midland now serves a Pizzadilla de Birria.

Now taco’n Owner Albert Gutierrez credits social media for helping to keep the doors of his Lubbock restaurant open.

Atlanta eats“The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food in ATL” includes Birria in Marietta and old favorites along the Mexican culinary wonderland, the Buford Highway.

Mexican restaurants in Chicago converted into COVID-19 test sites.

The birria de res crazy is now overtaking Manitoba.

A former Super Kmart parking lot in Aurora, Coloradohas become a food truck destination.

New York Magazine’s food critic Hannah Goldfield raved over Yellow rose, owned by San Antonio Transplants to the Big Apple. When it comes to tacos, she recommends “all fillings without reservation”.

Robert Sietsema’s best meals of the year are: Birria Tacos at Chofi in Union City, New Jersey. “Last but not least, 2020 has proven to be the year of the Birria Taco.”

Located in Santa Barbara YonaRedz Taco Shop Owner Yona Estrada defied California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ban on outdoor dining by giving away tacos.

You won’t find any major commercial mezcal brands on the third page Los Angeles – Mezcaleria mother area or in the other two places. Owner Ivan Vasquez wants to help the little boys.

Lenny’s casita compliments Los Angeles kosher Mexican cuisine.

Taco Bell is about to open its first locations in Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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