New Austin Pizza Food Truck Sammataro Is Opening in Westlake

A new pizza truck, Sammataro, will open in Austin next month. The cheese and pepperoni pizza slingers will be permanently located in Westlake at 1158 Lost Creek Boulevard from December.

Sammataro’s menu is slightly expanded by the East Austin popup. While the focus is still on cheese and pepperoni pizzas (the latter use custom hot peppers from the famous ezzos) topped with fresh basil, the truck adds toppings like anchovies, Sicilian peppers, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, and more. Sammataro’s crust also features a Barton Springs Mill flour and 48-hour fermentation for improved texture.

The truck has plans to serve sodas, side dishes like garlic knots, and salads when they establish themselves. The trailer has outdoor seating and supports walk-up ordering and online ordering through its website.

Sammataro is the product of former Brooklyn hoteliers Daniel Sorg (regular visitor), Isaac Flores (Home Slice, Dick and Jane’s), Townsend Smith (who has baking and wood cooking experience, and designer Kelsey Flores (married) to Isaac). Sorg and the Floreses moved to Austin during the pandemic with the idea of ​​starting an old-school New York pizzeria. (Smith split his time between New York and Texas when he opened his own restaurant, W. Smith’s, at the GrayBarns Inn in Connecticut.)

When the group quickly realized they didn’t want to sign a lease, they decided to open a truck instead. The name is Sicilian and comes from Kelsey’s family. They made a mobile trailer on a friend’s property in Springdale and ran pop-ups in October, just as they expected.

The quartet are still planning to open a physical restaurant at some point to show off their hospitality and design background, but as Sorg says, “We’re in no rush. We want to make things simple and right. ”

Sammataro is open Wednesday through Sunday, although the exact opening times are still in the flow.

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