Native Or Not, Top Things To Do In Austin This 2019

AUSTIN, TX – Austin’s mystique has been celebrated throughout its history … immortalized in popular culture with love letters in the form of text, scripts, and literature. The English language is filled with adjectives that easily describe Austin … words like eclectic, cool, hip, sophisticated, chilled … you get the hint.

But what many may overlook is that Austin is not just a place, it’s an experience. This is one of the nicest things about Austin, whether you’ve lived here a lifetime or have a recent transplant. You will often say, “I discovered this really cool place the other day.” Austin is about discovery. So how about 2019 if you checked out some of these unique spots in Austin – again or maybe for the first time?

  1. Franklin Barbecue: What is the unofficial Texas court you ask? Why grill naturally? Franklin Barbecue has achieved cult status, thanks in large part to recognition from publications such as Texas Monthly and Food & Wine. Locals and visitors alike flock to the popular BBQ eatery to enjoy not only the delicious and award-winning barbecue, but the community and atmosphere too. Be prepared, however, it is not uncommon for lines to wind around the building and guests should expect long waits. Remember to apply the old adage here … good things come to those who wait – in the case of Franklin Barbecue, BIG things.
  2. Top Notch: Top Notch has served some of the best burgers and American dishes in all of Texas since 1971. Generation after generation, Top Notch remains a favorite in Austin, and much of that comes down to staying true to your roots. When original owner Frances Stanish retired in 2008 following the deaths of her husband and son, new owners and investors decided to keep Top Notch exactly as it has been in its 40+ years of existence.
  3. Hamilton Pool Preserve: One of the most important experiences in Austin is taking in one of the city’s many natural and beautifully manicured landscapes. Austin takes great care to reduce its carbon footprint and protect and preserve the natural wonders that surround it. The Hamilton Pool Preserve in Travis County offers visitors the best of Texas to hike, bike, swim, or simply take in the area’s natural beauty.
  4. Zilker Kite Festival: The Zilker Kite Festival has been celebrated by locals and visitors alike since 1929. The Zilker Kite Festival takes place every year on the first Sunday in March and is ideal family fun. It underscores the enthusiasm of everyone who takes part in this unique event in Austin year after year.
  5. Congress Bridge Bats: The Congress Bridge Bats Experience, considered home to the largest urban bat colony in North America, is one of the most unique adventures in Texas. The Congress Bridge Bats are a confluence of the fantastic and the unusual and a sight to behold. As a popular destination, visitors can watch it from various vantage points with tour groups for a thrilling visual experience.
  6. University of Texas Longhorns Football: The UT spirit can be felt all over Austin and, for many, the pulse of the city. There is nothing more exciting than being part of a sea of ​​scorched oranges taking root for the home team and celebrating the Longhorn spirit.
  7. SoCo’s I Love You So Much Mural: In the age of social media, you can’t miss capturing the essence of Austin with the I Love You So Much mural located at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress. The mural’s origins are a sweet feeling that began when Amy Cook, a local musician, was scribbling down the now famous five little words to describe how she felt about her partner, Liz Lambert. The simple message drew crowds and those who visited felt compelled to take photos of themselves to commemorate the visit to the beloved wall.
  8. The Weird Homes Tour: Keep Austin Weird is not just the city’s tagline, it’s a movement to promote what Austin does like no other. Strange means staying true to what you think is beauty. Strange means to wander along the unknown path. And weird means to celebrate what makes us all different. With that in mind, the Weird Homes Tour gives locals and non-locals a glimpse into the lives of some of the city’s most creative residents. Be inspired by the quirky and peculiar appearances of these wondrous houses.
  9. Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater: Austin is synonymous with the live music capital of the world, thanks in large part to one of the many acclaimed music festivals in the area – the ACL Music Festival. The live performance venue offers more than 100 concerts for a range of artists and is a beacon for music enthusiasts and emerging artists.

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