NAACP files UIL complaint over Austin LBJ Jaguars loss to Lindale Eagles

NAACP files UIL complaint about the loss of Austin LBJ Jaguars to Lindale Eagles

The NAACP president in Austin asked the UIL to postpone the state championship game on Friday until an investigation can be completed, but the UIL said it would not.

The local NAACP filed a complaint with the UIL following Friday’s semi-final game between the Lindale Eagles and the Austin LBJ Jaguars. The Eagles won the game 31-28, but the NAACP said it was only because of unfair administration.

The NAACP president in Austin asked the UIL to postpone the state championship game on Friday until an investigation can be completed, but the UIL said it would not.

After the lights were turned off on Friday night in Humble, LBJ Jaguar coach Jahmal Fenner had the opportunity to watch the video of his team’s loss in the semi-final game.


“It just brought me home that what I felt during the game wasn’t true. It only confirmed it for me,” said Fenner.

After the first half of the game, the Jaguars were leading 28 to 7. In the second half, Fenner said the officials were demanding 16 penalties against the Jaguars while ignoring all but two of the Eagles’ penalties. The Eagles won with a field goal after an LBJ touchdown was recalled.

“I don’t feel like my players and my team lost this game just because we played badly or made bad calls. Yes, some of it took place, but the officials also took part. So me.” It wasn’t the first time a game had been played badly. It won’t be the last time, but it was pretty clear who the officials were going for, “he told Fenner.

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Dozens of parents and gamers also believe something is wrong. Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder said he had received about 60 calls and letters regarding the game’s officials.

“It was definitely a racist issue. I got some racial abuse calls, people who are ugly and angry, no doubt about it. I’m telling you if you were there you could feel the tension in the air. So it was definitely racist , there is no doubt about that, “said Linder.

Although the NAACP doesn’t usually get involved in high school football, this time around Linder said he felt it was necessary.


“I don’t like being a sports caster. I’m not good at it, but I understand what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s fair, and what’s unfair. That’s very, very clear to me. That was ugly. It never should performed for these young people in every sport. These children, their mood is broken, “said Linder.

Linder asked the UIL to take action ahead of the state championship game the Eagles will play on Friday night.

“Look at the tapes. Look at some of the complaints. Look at the umpire’s background, make a decision. Postpone the game tomorrow night, re-play the game, and find a fair solution, at who plays the best team, the team they deserve, in the game, “said Linder.

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The UIL responded with a statement to FOX 7 Austin that reads:

“All officials are agreed by both parties before a game. Pursuant to Section 1204 of the UIL Constitution and the Competition Rules, a protest based on the decision of a game or competition official will not be considered.”

While the UIL will not officially investigate this matter, the Texas Association of Sports Officials has a process for an official to report rule applications and investigate such reports. “

The NAACP responded with the following words:

“We will definitely follow this process. Of course we wanted to file the complaint before tomorrow’s championship game. It was important to let the students know that we knew they were being treated unfairly. We will now bring our concerns to Texas.” Association of Sports Officials.

It is important that such incidents are made public. We will also look into possible legal action. “

Lindale Athletics did not respond to requests for comment.


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