Multi-million dollar project planned for Austin high school

AUSTIN, Minn. – The Austin High School annex has been approved for major expansion and renovation.

The $ 11 million project includes an expansion of the second floor by 13,750 square feet and changes throughout the building by 17,850 square feet. The Hormel Foundation has provided up to $ 8.7 million in funding, and Austin Public Schools will pay the remainder of the cost over a 15-year period.

The renovated space will be the new home of the MacPhail Center for Music and will include 11 rooms and classrooms. In addition, Austin High School’s music area will include band, orchestra and choir facilities, as well as a music library, practice rooms and storage rooms.

“The Hormel Foundation knows the strong musical culture in our city, which has touched the lives of many people,” says Gary Ray, Chairman of the Hormel Foundation. “The MacPhail Program is a way to enhance the great opportunity for students and adults of all ages to develop music within the community and keep this strong culture alive on a new level.”

Changes to the existing appendix are planned for February 2019. Work on the second floor is scheduled to begin in spring 2019.

“This remarkable new music system will reflect the close collaboration between MacPhail, Austin Public Schools and The Hormel Foundation. This is testament to the value Austin places on exceptional arts learning opportunities for the community’s students and residents, ”said Kyle Carpenter, CEO of MacPhail.

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