Most Anticipated Austin Restaurants of 2021 by Local Food Experts

As is tradition, in late 2020 Eater asked a trusted group of friends, industry guys, and local bloggers for their views on the past year of culinary delights in Austin. Given the madness of this year, Eater has turned the standard survey into a survey that reflects the new realities of takeaways, restaurant stores, and a shaky industry. All answers are published before the end of the year – cut, pasted, (mostly) unedited and in no particular order. Question number five:

Which new restaurant are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Pat Sharpe, editor-in-chief and food writer for Texas monthly
Cant wait to see what Sonya Cote is doing with Store House Market & Eatery in Bastrop, which may even be open in mid-December. The tidbits they reveal are fun: the menu is “Cajun Outback” (Cote consulted with a Louisiana chef), and they grow much of the produce themselves. Even better, the building the restaurant is supposed to be in was a warehouse, funeral home, and brothel (but luckily not all at once). [Ed. note: Store House has since adjusted the concept to Cajun only]

Robert Jacob Lerma, photographer for Eater Austin and others
Not one, but all. So much of who we are as a society and as a city depends on our community and our food. Time will tell when that is in 2021. We can only hope that sooner or later it will be.

Jane Ko, blogger, A taste of Koko
Aside from the Koko pop-up at 101 By Tea Haus, I hope Suerte Taquero takes over [Ed. note: where guest chefs collaborate on taco specials] will continue until 2021.

Katie Friel, Editor, CultureMap Austin
I look forward to everyone who makes progress in this economy so I’ll take the easy way out and say, everyone.

Nicolai McCrary, Austin staff writer, The infatuation
Hopefully everyone. Right now it’s so hard to know who will make it. I was excited to read what Last Straw did over the summer – using their kitchen to make healthy meals for kids who didn’t go to school – and I hope they’ll open up again at some point. Most of all, I just hope that any places that have taken security really seriously – often at a high cost to them – get through stronger than ever.

Erin Russell, Associate Editor of Eater Austin
I’m super excited about the physical restaurant location of the cinnamon roll expert Teal House and another location of the Arti Pasta Italian food truck. (I also hope they both come further north one day.)

Nadia Chaudhury, editor of Eater Austin
I really hope the current Austin restaurant industry survives this tumultuous year. That being said, I’m looking forward to baker Abby Love’s Dripping Springs bakery and – if it’s safe to travel the world – St Elmo’s public market when it finally opens.

I also hope that many of the really great pop-ups and food services with physical locations expand if they choose to.

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