More than 90 percent of Austin Energy customers’ power restored

Power back to most, but some outages persist

More and more Central Texans are waking up after days without electricity, but officials warn we are not out of the woods yet. John Krinjak of FOX 7 Austin has details.

More and more Central Texans are getting their electricity back. By early Friday morning, Austin Energy restored electricity to around 97% of its customers. The company hopes most customers will have electricity back on in the next few days. However, there will be some outliers that will take longer to repair due to the extent of the damage caused by the winter weather.

People who have been waiting in their freezing cold homes are finally getting help. On Thursday, ERCOT relaxed the restrictions and gave Austin Energy the green light to slowly start supplying households and businesses with electricity again. At the height of this disaster, more than 200,000 Austin Energy customers were without power.

According to ERCOT, due to the persistent extreme cold and ice, there is a possibility that some limited outages may be required over the course of Friday morning to keep the grid stable.


The focus will shift to water when power returns to Austin Water’s largest facility

The crews must work slowly at this point and restore the water in sections. Meanwhile, Austin Energy is slowly getting people’s electricity back on track.


“Austin Energy’s focus is on restoring power to our remaining customers who have run out of power. As weather conditions continue to change, ERCOT may have to initiate ore failures, but we will make every effort to address this as soon as possible possible to restore, “said Jackie Sargent, general manager of Austin Energy.

Austin Energy said if you still run out of power, you don’t have a precise recovery schedule.

For those out of power, you will be asked to make adjustments now so that there is minimal circuit stress when you return. This includes lowering the thermostat, pulling out the power plug and switching on just one light switch.

The Austin Public Works crews clear roads and sidewalks of dangers

While much of Austin’s right-of-way remains in a dangerous, icy state, efforts to clear it up will continue in the city today and will continue until conditions improve.

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