Masks will continue to be required within the City of Austin

The city of Austin will continue to require residents to wear masks. Dr. Austin Chief Medical Officer Mark Escott announced the mask requirement and said it was designed to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19.

An Austin City Council ordinance allows the health agency to establish public health mandates, according to a press release from Councilor Greg Casar. State law gives local health authorities the option to do so regardless of the disaster or emergency powers that mayors and district judges receive elsewhere.

“In Austin, we are committed to saving lives. Period. If state officials don’t want to do their job to protect people from the virus, we will,” said Greg Casar, a member of Austin City Council. “This action is both legal and right. When civil servants sue, they will do everything to harm the health of Texans.”


“We had too many family members, too many friends, too many voters to stop listening to science,” said Casar. “The local leaders will continue to do everything in our power to look after the Texans.”

Basic workers are asking to be vaccinated as soon as possible at the rally

The rally organizers say the lifting of the mask mandate makes it clear why key workers need to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Governor Abbott ends the statewide mask mandate and fully reopens all Texas stores

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday March 2 that the statewide pandemic restrictions in place last year, including his statewide mask mandate and capacity restrictions, will end on March 10th.

“Now is the time to open Texas 100%,” said Abbott. “Any business that wants to open should be open.”

Abbott made the announcement while visiting small business owners in Lubbock. His new Executive Order effective Wednesday March 10th will allow all businesses of all types to be 100% open and will cancel his previous order requiring Texans to cover their faces.

All business outlets, including restaurants, venues and bars, are allowed to reopen at full capacity.

Companies no longer need to need masks, but can have their own individual mask requirements.


Governor Abbott announces the lifting of statewide COVID mandates

Governor Greg Abbott announced at a press conference in Lubbock that it was time to open Texas.

The order gives businesses the ability to continue using masks and limit capacity if they so choose. This means that a customer can be denied service, but companies can no longer indicate that the law is on their side.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must continue to follow instructions from the state health and personal services. Schools are told to follow directions from the Texas Education Agency.

Texans have had to cover their faces in public since last July, when the coronavirus outbreak continued to worsen.

Key workers protest Abbott’s decision to lift the mask mandate

The rally organizers say the lifting of the mask mandate highlights why key workers now need to be vaccinated.

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