Major travel site crowns Austin among the best cities for a quick trip

This year’s vacation may not be a distant, week-long affair. Instead, we’re looking for cheaper places that are a short drive away and planning much shorter stays to test our comfort in travel.

Austin happens to be one of those places, at least according to Hotwire. On the online travel site, ATX was ranked 8th on America’s best cities in 2020 for a “quickie” getaway.

Hotwire analyzed more than 10,000 internal and external data points in 250 cities based on three factors: best for your money (20 percent), easy arrival (20 percent), and tasks to be done (60 percent). The major cities, medium-sized towns, and small towns were identified, with Austin being placed on the main list (600,000 residents or more).

Population also plays a role as travelers prefer less crowded places. Although Austin has the largest population in the big city’s top 10, it still scored an overall score of 114.87, beating No. 9 Denver and No. 10 Portland.

While the top spot officially has a population somewhere in the middle, it’s definitely known as a vacation destination that people typically spend 72 hours or less in: Las Vegas.

Sin City has the highest Leisure Score to be combined with a Moderate Value Score, earning a total of 281.03.

According to another recent Hotwire poll, more than four in five (or 81 percent) of adults agree they want to take quick field trips after the quarantine. Almost all Americans (90 percent) prefer short breaks of three nights or less to longer vacations, with millennials particularly fueling the dramatic rise in the short break trend, according to the survey.

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