Made for millennials: New East Austin office building

The last time we visited 901 East Sixth, which is currently under construction and nearing completion at the address of the same name, it was noted that Car2Go will be relocating its headquarters into the room – and pointing out how the structure is a unique one The addition to Austin’s center is the coupling of new office buildings.

The five-story, 125,000-square-meter office building was designed by the local architecture firm THOUGHTBARN / Delineate Studio and is primarily the first in Austin to be built largely from cross laminated timber (CLT). The laminated wood material is considered environmentally friendly and sustainable, offers design and construction flexibility and offers a high level of thermal insulation.

It is clad in Cor-Ten and has 14 foot ceilings and windows that are at least 9 feet high (so: nice views all around), as well as terraces and balconies, social work areas, bicycle storage rooms, showers and two-story rooms with retracting doors and window walls in the Ground floor connecting it to the street and sidewalks.

Thoughtbarn / Delineate Studio courtesy of Car2Go (all renderings)

It’s also a block from Plaza Saltillo and before the first block of what is now the Eastside Entertainment District, at least in a brochure promoting the building.

If all of this sounds like it appeals to workers in a particular segment of the population – millennials, that’s because it most likely will. Developer / broker Endeavor certainly relies on this appeal. While the Car2Go headquarters is already committed to the property, the whole thing is not leased. Endeavor kicked off the other office space with a campaign that begins with a thrillist quote about East Austin keeping things weird and a pitch that notes how well the place fits in with the workplace preferences of this great generation – places to who “encourage cooperation and are high-tech, stylish, comfortable, cool and fun. “

Aside from asking which generations wouldn’t like jobs with these traits, it’s clear that 901 East Sixth’s impact on its small part of the neighborhood is (literally) intentional – a great way to stand out as being in the frenzy of redevelopment and hopefully a long-term impact on the direction and the people who live and work there.

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