Live in a midcentury modern Austin landmark for $4,000 a month

The option of renting a classic mid-century home designed by a famous architect – and often a former residence as well – is always interesting. Over the past few months we’ve seen an AD Stenger single-family home in the Austin rental market and a garage apartment that was designed and once lived in by Charles Granger.

Now this super-fine unit from pioneering mid-century modern architect Harwell Hamilton Harris is up for grabs, or at least rented out, for $ 4,000 a month. Harris designed only a few residences in Austin during his brief tenure as dean of the UT Architecture School, which is why his Cranfill Apartments are very special. Built in 1959, it is in a small complex in a quiet, leafy part of West University, closer to Shoal Creek than UT, and set around a courtyard with a large live oak tree.

The two-story apartment has a double-height living area with a bedroom on the mezzanine, which is visually connected to the living area on the first floor via a two-story glass wall and the bamboo masses that provide privacy from the outside.

The neat and well-preserved 1,394 square meter apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as original cabinets, redwood siding, paint, and decorative lighting.

The address is 1911 Cliff Street # 3 and the listing agent is Brian Linder of the Value of Architecture.

The value of architecture / compass

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