Kelly wins District 6, Alter hangs on to District 10 seat in Austin runoff 

Austin City Councilor Allison Alter held onto her District 10 seat in Tuesday’s runoff election. Her colleague Jimmy Flannigan lost his seat in District 6 to Mackenzie Kelly.

Alter got about 51 percent of the vote, defeating Jennifer Virden with 587 votes. Kelly defeated Flannigan with around 52 percent of the vote and 827 votes.


Kelly’s win came as a big surprise. In November, Flannigan got 40 percent of the vote while Kelly had 33. Alter secured 34 percent of the vote, Virden drew 25.

Kelly identifies herself online as “Mother. Wife. Ex-volunteer firefighter. Public Safety Attorney. “And President of Take Back Austin.

Dude, Virden has to face District 10 on December 15th

In the general election, incumbent Alison Alter won 34 percent of the vote, while challenger Jennifer Virden won 25 percent and got her into a runoff.

Alter’s campaign highlighted her experience as a mother, entrepreneur and former educator.

Kelly and Virden ran similar campaigns criticizing their opponents for slashing the Austin Police Department’s budget and voting to revise a city ordinance. The revisions made it legal for Austin’s homeless to camp, sit and lie down in public.

Virden told FOX 7 Austin on Tuesday, “This was a highly competitive campaign and I am disappointed that 10th District voters ended up choosing party over politics.”


Kelly’s campaign manager Andy Hogue tweeted a statement he attributed to the new councilor on Tuesday. The statement said in part that Kelly “would work immediately to heal the divisions in our church.”

The outflow from District 6 was controversial. In November Kelly posed for a photo with “Proud Boys” when members of the extremist group held up white electricity signs. The photo was taken at the end of a police event organized by the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders motorcycle group. Online the group writes that they are “bikers who are not afraid of socialists / communists, ANTIFA or dirty politicians. Supporters of the police and the military” and adds, “We are NOT part of anything, we are [are] Part of a solution. ”

The early voting begins, Flannigan and Kelly have to stand in the runoff elections

District six voters will have to make a conflicting decision as incumbent Jimmy Flannigan and Mackenzie Kelly face each other in a runoff on December 15.

Kelly told FOX 7 Austin, “I’m definitely not affiliated with the Proud Boys. They do not represent my values ​​or beliefs. Unfortunately, my opponent has maintained that belief online. ”

Earlier this month, members of the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders confronted Flannigan at the end of a campaign event. “I went back to my car and a group of bikers rolled into the city park and spoke to me physically, refused to leave, blocked my car door and didn’t wear masks. It was really something else, ”Flannigan said.

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Flannigan said the bikers support Kelly. “This is the same group that held the rally just before the general election where my opponent was a speaker,” he said. Kelly said she had no affiliation with the motorcycle group other than speaking at her event.

Meet the candidates for the sixth ward of Austin City Council

Voters in this Austin area have a highly competitive decision to make: stay incumbent Flannigan or take a completely different direction with Harrison, Mushtaler or Kelly.

A little over a week ago, Austin Sanders reported on the Austin Chronicle that Infowars employee Harrison Hill Smith had produced a campaign video for Kelly. Internet trolls repeatedly shared nudes of Kelly and Flannigan during the controversial race.

Flannigan Mayor Adler tweeted Tuesday evening thanking him for his “steadfast service.” He added, “District 6 and our entire city are better off for your dedicated service and guidance on difficult issues over the past 4 years.”

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Read Kelly’s full statement below:

“From the courageous support of our law enforcement community, to demanding safer conditions for our homeless population, to the struggle for transparency in City Hall, the voice of Northwest Austin has been heard. Given the stark differences between my campaign’s priorities and the incumbent’s platform, her unified voice is clear and clear tonight!

Given the stark differences between my campaign’s priorities and the incumbent’s platform, her unified voice is clear and clear tonight!

I am honored to be the next representative for District 6 on Austin City Council and I will work immediately to heal the divisions in our ward.

Congratulations to Councilor Flannigan on a highly competitive campaign. I look forward to working with Austinites of all backgrounds and political beliefs to build a brighter future for Texas’s largest city. ”


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