How to Support Austin’s Black-Owned Restaurants, Trucks, and Food Businesses

As the Austinites continue to protest against black violence and police brutality, some locals are looking for ways to help black-owned restaurants by purchasing meals.

With that in mind, several companies, writers, and publications have put together lists, guides, and even an app that showcases restaurants, food trucks, and grocery stores across Austin. Local restaurants and bars also donate money and revenues to organizations working to support black communities, bail funding, and nonprofits to reform criminal justice.

Eater Austin has summarized these efforts in this handy directory below. It should also be said that people should dine in these restaurants all year round, not just this time.

Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce

The non-profit, dedicated to helping black businesses in the city, has compiled a list of local black-owned businesses that includes a category for groceries and restaurants. The alphabetical list includes website or social media links. You can find the list here.

UpEats ATX and minuets

UpEats ATX – a list dedicated to highlighting restaurants that have no PR or social media presence in particular – and tech startup Minuets have a list and map of black-owned restaurants and food trucks in the area Austin compiled, including addresses and phone numbers and website links. The searchable list is broken down into cuisine categories, from African to Cajun to Desserts to Vegetarian. Black-owned restaurants and trucks that are not already on the list can also submit their information. You can find the directory here.

Jane ko

Austin-based food blogger Jane Ko has compiled her own list of black-owned restaurants on Instagram and her website. The list is also broken down into categories, from breakfast to Ethiopia to fine dining and southern states. It included descriptions of each company with a little history, highlighted choices, and service formats. You can find the list here.

Retell Google Map of Advisors

Real estate company Retell Advisors created a Google Map of black-owned restaurants and the like in the Austin area, listed alphabetically. You can find the map here.

Austin Chronicle

Alt-weekly compiled a constantly updated list of black-owned restaurants, trucks, and grocery businesses in the Austin area, listed alphabetically with links to websites or Facebook pages. You can find the list here.

Austin monthly

The city magazine has put together a rolling list of black-owned companies on its website, from restaurants and bars to Instagram. Places are listed alphabetically like others, with links to websites and social media accounts. You can find the list here.

Infatuation Austin

The Austin office on the restaurant guide’s website has put together a guide to black-owned restaurants and food trucks. The list is broken down by neighborhood and includes descriptions of each company, ordering information, and links to websites and social media accounts. You can find the guide here.


The organizers of the Austin Food Truck Festival have put together a round-up of the black-owned food trucks in the city. The list is represented by the logo of each truck associated with their website or social media accounts. You can find the list here.

Update, June 9th, 5:10 pm This article, originally published on Friday, June 5th, has been updated to include additional instructions.

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