Hostage situation in Northeast Austin ends in suspect’s death

A SWAT situation in northeast Austin ended in a shootout that killed a suspect.

In a press conference Wednesday evening, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said that Austin 911 received a call at 5:18 p.m. about a vehicle that had crashed into a house on the 2900 block on Rogge Lane.

Manley says when officers responded to the crash, 911 received a call three minutes later at a nearby house where the caller said someone had broken into their home.

Officials who reported the break-in heard interference and shouting in the house and forced entry. At the time, Manley said the suspect shot the officers and an officer, an eight-year veteran with the APD, returned fire.

The officer was not injured by the gunshots, says Manley, but was slightly injured by some kind of glass or wood shrapnel. It is currently unknown if the suspect was hit in that first shootout. The officers then left and requested additional resources, including SWAT.


Manley says the house was held by the woman who originally called the police about the break-in and a 10-year-old boy.

While SWAT was preparing on the spot, the officers tried several times, according to Manley, to contact the suspect and ask him to surrender. At one point a door stood open and officers could see the child in the house trying to wave them in and saying there was no one with them before the suspect closed the door.

Manley says the suspect would be seen outside the house, then go back in several times, and then at 6:17 p.m. the suspect came and opened the door and held the boy in a “hostage position” in front of him.

At this point, one of the SWAT officers, a 13-year-old APD veteran, shot and fatally wounded the suspect. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and both hostages were taken for medical treatment, according to Manley.

The suspect, identified as a 21-year-old man, is currently unknown to APD, and Manley says there is no connection between him and the woman and boy. The woman told the police that she had no idea and that he just broke into her house and had a gun.

Manley says both officers who shot the suspect in the incident will be on administrative leave, as per protocol, during the investigation by Internal Affairs and the Office of Police Oversight.

The criminal investigation is ongoing.

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