Here’s how to apply for a culinary grant from the Austin Food & Wine Alliance

This year was full of uncertainties, but also innovations.

In every industry, people had to spin around, find new ways to sell a product, connect with an audience, and otherwise get a paycheck.

It hasn’t been easy, especially in the hospitality industry, but we’ve also seen some really creative new initiatives, strategies, and even new companies emerging from the pandemic.

One of these was the expansion of the Austin Food & Wine Alliance, which added a nationwide umbrella organization and offices in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. While the nonprofit didn’t host any major fundraising campaigns this year, it still plans to give $ 27,500 in grants to other culinary innovators later this year.

From a press release: “The eligible applicants for the alliance’s unique funding program include farmers, artisans, chefs, wine, beer and spirits manufacturers, as well as culinary companies and culinary professionals whose projects and initiatives innovate and impact the community.”

Grant applications are now open until October 23 at The winners will be announced at an online ceremony in December.

The organization has granted $ 360,000 in grants since 2012 and distributed $ 14,000 in pandemic relief earlier this year in June.

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