Former East Austin Teacher Uplifting a Community

AUSTIN, Texas – Daniel Hinojosa, a former teacher and trainer, had a vision when he opened his Lift ATX gym in East Austin.

Wanting to provide a welcoming environment for people to get well without judgment, he felt that a gym was needed in the community as so much has changed in the area of ​​late. Hinojosa wanted to reflect the rudeness of old East Austin and provide affordable fitness options for its remaining residents.

“I wanted to build a space for the last remaining OG Austinites,” said Hinojosa. “I’m very involved in the community so I wanted the gym to somehow move the community into a better space.”

The same community responded. Hinojosa has expanded despite the gym opening in September 2020. The current members say Hinojosa’s authenticity and warmth is why they keep coming back.

“This is the first place I’ve felt at home since I moved,” said Sydney Bastian, a member of the gym.

“Every time you come back you hang out with high fives and hugs and ‘Hey, you’re back!'” Said Tasha Lara, a member of the gym.

Thanks to community response, Hinojosa has been able to hire more staff and buy more equipment as the gym continues to grow.

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