Dozens of Austin buildings go red for live entertainment workers

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the live events industry has been completely decimated. It is estimated that around 12 million people will be affected by the closure of live events – an industry worth a trillion dollars.

Now a nationwide movement is trying to sensitize the public to the severe economic crisis in the live event industry. On the RedAlert RESTART action day, well-known buildings in Austin will be illuminated in red on September 1st from 9:00 pm to midnight.

Structures across the country will also attend the national event, according to a press release. In over 50 cities from coast to coast, 1,500 buildings are expected to be illuminated in red.

The dozen of buildings that are lit in red in and around Austin include the Lange Center for the Performing Arts, Germania Austin 360 Amphitheater, Continental Club, Brazos Hall, and Stubbs.

The RedAlert event’s goal is also to urge the Senate to vote for the RESTART bill and #Extend PUA, an expansion of pandemic unemployment benefits and full pandemic unemployment compensation of $ 600 under the frame a comprehensive pandemic relief package. according to a press release.

Thousands of events across the country have been canceled since March 2020. According to data from We Make Events North America and the Association for Performing Arts & Entertainment Professionals, 77 of people in the events industry have lost all their income, while 96 percent of companies have shed staff. The same data shows that 97 percent of the 1,099 live event workers have lost their jobs.

A similar lighting event occurred in the UK, where on August 11th 715 buildings were lit for this purpose.

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