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Car Accident Claims

Car accident lawsuits are the most common form of personal injury that occurs in the America. Millions of Americans are injures every year from car accidents. Most of these car accidents occur due to the negligence of a driver. To help cover the cost of their injuries, many victims file personal injury lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice happens when healthcare professionals commit mistakes which cause serious injuries that can have a lasting affect on the patient’s life. These errors can result from carelessness. Even though they’re more complex, these cases are often treated as personal injuries.

Accidents involving Slip and Falls

Compensation may be available for victims of injuries caused from unsafe conditions that are found on private or publicly owned property. Personal injury claims are the most common in slip and fall cases.


As a matter of fact, assault is climbing in the ranks of most common personal injuries demands. It can happen as a result of negligence, but it’s a very common cause of personal injury.

Product Liability

Defective products are very common, contrary to popular belief. The person who was injured could be entitled to compensation in the event that the product’s defect causes injury.

Dog Bites

A lot of American families could not imagine their lives without their lovely canines. Unfortunate accidents are commonplace with many canines. Dog bites may occur due to the owner, but it’s usually the dog’s owner who is accountable. Dog bite cases are handled the same as personal injury cases because dog bites usually occur because of negligence.

Wrongful To Kill

The term “wrongful death” refers to the death of someone caused by negligence. The family could have a claim for compensation if the victim died due to a fall down unmarked, wet stairs. This is due to the negligent actions of the owner of the building.

Workplace Accidents

Unsafe working conditions, insufficient training or malfunctioning equipment can result in an employee being injured. The employee could pursue a personal injury claim against their employer. It is the most common work-related injury for truck drivers, movers, nurses, and laborers.

Construction-related Injuries

The demands in the field of construction could result in serious injuries. Although it’s not possible to protect a construction site from hazards, employers are required to be proactive in reducing risks.

Premises liability Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury lawsuits for premises are filed when a person suffers an injury while on another’s property. If the property was dangerous the owner could be liable for compensation to the victim.

Personal injury lawsuits could be a bit complicated. A dedicated team of attorneys is required to be by your side.

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