COVID-19 Variant B.1.429 Has Been Detected At UT Austin Campus

AUSTIN, TX – The variant of COVID-19 or B.1.429 discovered in California was discovered at the University of Texas on the Austin campus, news outlets report.

UT Austin said Monday this was the second variant found by UT’s Genomic Sequencing and Analysis Facility – the first being the British variant or B.1.1.7. At the beginning of February according to KXAN.

The university announced that people who tested positive for B.1.429 had been notified and had already isolated based on their previous positive test result. Contact tracing was also conducted, according to KXAN.

The news agency said UT’s Genomic Sequencing and Analysis Facility only examines on-campus tests for variants. The facility is working with local and state officials to alert them that the variant might exist in the wider community.

The school urges students, staff, and faculty to carefully follow health protocols and social distancing guidelines, especially during the spring break.

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