Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Richard Austin, Places Over 45,000 Cosmetic Dental Porcelain Veneers / Restorations in Salt Lake City, Utah

“We offer lifelike, same-day, pain-free dental veneers with dentures. Salt Lake City Patients can complete their entire cosmetic dental treatment, even a full mouth treatment including dental implants, in just a visit or two. “

The cosmetic dental practice of Dr. Austin, Gateway Dental Arts, is located in the Gateway Shopping Center downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, just a few blocks from the new City Creek Center.

Perhaps the biggest reason for Dr. Austin’s success in placing porcelain dental veneers is that it is one of the few cosmetic dental offices in the country to have an award-winning in-house laboratory and ceramist Salt Lake City Dentist office.

“The benefits of having an in-house ceramics maker are enormous,” Austin explains. “If a slight change needs to be made during the installation of a patient’s cosmetic dental porcelain veneers or implants to ensure a perfect fit, our ceramist steps in to take care of it. When a cosmetic dentist uses an outside lab and it there are problems with the dental veneers or implants during installation, then the patient either has to make a return trip or they have to settle for an imperfect smile more often. Instead, we can match new cosmetic dental veneers and implants to perfectly match the color of the existing teeth also provide all of the fine, subtle details in the porcelain that are often overlooked by an outside laboratory. “

“When people are looking for a new makeup, or just a cosmetic china veneer or two, they want to know that their smile will look great. It’s different than going to the dentist to fill up. A new smile will change the way you look and feel when you look in the mirror. That’s why we want to make sure that your cosmetic dental work is done properly and that the patient is working with the dentist from the start. ”

Perhaps a cosmetic dental patient from Gateway Dental Art who had a smile on her face with new porcelain veneers recently said: “I love my teeth! Dr. Austin really created a beautiful smile for me. Perfect strangers come and compliment my lovely smile. ”

Dr. Austin’s dental work with cosmetic porcelain is so popular that he has patients flown in Salt Lake City from all over the country. Even so, he’s cautious about his success. “We all think pure Salt Lake Cityor somewhere deserves excellent cosmetic dental work with perfect porcelain veneers and implants – and we’re here to help. “

In addition to cosmetic smile changes with dental veneers made of porcelain, Dr. Austin and Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City Specializing in cosmetic dental implants, porcelain restorations, complete smile changes, crowns, deliberate sedation dentistry (referred to by many as sleep dentistry), teeth whitening and orthodontics.

Gateway Dental Arts is located at 440 West 200 Sun., Suite 275, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. Her phone number is 801.321.7600. More information is available at

Dr. Austin graduated Georgetown University in the Washington, DC with a doctorate in dental surgery and practiced cosmetic dentistry in the Salt Lake City Area for almost 30 years. He’s one of just a handful of Utah Dentists have completed the Advanced Dental Studies Master Aesthetic Dentist postgraduate program at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI). Of the more than 150,000 practicing dentists across the country, less than a quarter of one percent have achieved this level of performance.

SOURCE Gateway Dental Arts

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