Coronavirus: Free Meals Offered To Austin Food Industry Workers

AUSTIN, TX – Free meals will be offered to workers in the local food industry this weekend, officials said.

Food Related, a Schertz-based grocery wholesaler and retailer, has teamed up with Chef Andrew Natera at Fairmont Hotels, Chef Marco Gonzalez at Ze Crepe, and Chef Shawn Cirkiel at Parkside Projects to offer 250 free food sets for the Austin grocery store with work interruptions due to the new coronavirus.

The campaign, known as the “Love Drop-Off” campaign, will benefit workers who have lost their jobs or have taken vacations due to COVID-19. The kits are packed with essential items like pasta, cheese, bread. Ready meals are available upon availability.


Saturday, March 28th – 3 p.m. – in the back-of-house delivery area.

Fairmont Hotel, 101 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701

Sunday, March 29th – 3 p.m. – directly in the parking lot

Olive & June, 3411 Glenview Ave, Austin, TX 78703

For safety and hygiene reasons, participants are asked to stay in their cars while driving through the style pick-up process.

“Food Related was founded to support the food industry with quality products and ingredients that make meals masterpieces,” said Luciano Ciociari, Founder and CEO of Food Related, in a prepared statement. “Despite COVID-19, our mission has not changed. We are simply adapting to the needs of our community to support the very people who have kept our business going.”

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