Classic New American restaurant permanently closes in downtown Austin

Update, November 18th: This story has been updated to include comments from the La Corsha Hospitality Group.

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Another downtown favorite is gone. After a decade of serving upscale New American fare, Second Bar + Kitchen moved to its downtown location at 200 Congress Ave. closed because the lease could not be extended.

“The impact of the pandemic in 2020 and the uncertainty of the recovery plan for 2021 caused the closure,” said Jeff Trigger, president of La Corsha Hospitality Group, which manages the restaurant concept. “Our 10-year lease required a commitment in July 2020, six months before the lease expired. At that time, we were working with the landlord on other pandemic issues at the same time. This started a long process. Ultimately, it was the unpredictability of the schedule for economic recovery in downtown Austin, which drove our final decision not to extend. ”

Second Bar + Kitchen originally opened downtown in 2010. Award-winning chef David Bull – now La Corsha’s regional vice president of food and drink – ran the kitchen for both the second and the neighboring congress, with an emphasis on local artisan products and a farm-table dining experience.

Second, it quickly became popular with tourists and downtown guests alike. In 2015 the restaurant expanded its presence after the gourmet restaurant Congress was closed and Second took over the space.

The second bar + kitchen was temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic. The website claimed it was on “pandemic hiatus”.

“We look forward to seeing you downtown again when the effects of the COVID-19 virus suggest it is time to reopen the doors at our original location on Second Street and Congress Avenue.”

Much of the site’s kitchen appliances and furniture is now for sale through the online auction website

While the other Second Bar + Kitchen locations at Domain Northside and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport remained open during the pandemic, and Trigger noted that these locations were doing “reasonably well,” the rental problem seems doomed to the downtown location to have.

The Second Bar + Kitchen closure is the latest La Corsha concept for closure. In February 2019, Trigger announced that the company’s Boiler Nine Bar + Grill in the Seaholm District had been closed after less than three years due to unpaid management fees from owners Boiler Nine Partners Ltd. has been closed.

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