City of Austin launches online portal for COVID vaccine appointments

KVUE – Austin Public Health launched an online vaccine portal on Wednesday January 13th to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to Austin residents, particularly in high-risk areas.

The residents can register in advance via the online portal and request appointments at one of the four APH hubs, which can be easily reached by public transport. These locations are strategically placed so that people in underserved communities can access the vaccine. The locations are only available to people with scheduled appointments.

“In a city like Austin, where grocery stores and pharmacies are on the west side of the city and we don’t have that many on the east side of the city, that kind of distribution is then geographically skewed to where the vaccine is.” Mayor Steve Adler said to KVUE Daybreak on Monday.

At this point, it’s important to remember that not everyone who meets the criteria of the Texas Department of State and Health and the APH can get the vaccine through this first major referral from DSHS.

If you can get a vaccine through your health care provider, pharmacy, or other provider, please help us retain the currently limited allocation for our most vulnerable populations. You can find a map of the providers on the DSHS website.

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You can find the whole story at KVUE.

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