Businesses in downtown Austin board up following FBI warnings

More than a dozen companies in downtown Austin stepped on board following an FBI warning of armed demonstrations in state capitals before and on the day of the inauguration.

Buford Snyder of Snyder Commercial Glass says his company started about 15 businesses in the downtown area. He says the owners of about 20 other companies are waiting to see what happens in the next few days.

For Jagat Patel, owner of the 7-Eleven on the 8th and Congress, it is the second time in twelve months that his company has been boarded up to prevent looting and unrest. “We have a family we can go home to and we have to pay bills, so don’t do that. We are human,” he said.

DPS on high alert in the Capitol after warning of possible armed protests

The gates of the Texas State Capitol have been marked, chained, and zipped to keep the public out as the FBI warned of possible armed protests against all 50 state capitals. Amanda Ruiz from FOX 7 Austin has more.

Patel says the year was “rough”. Managing a pandemic is worrying and has not been profitable for the past six months.

Most of its downtown customers are tourists and office workers. “We are already suffering and by destroying us you are bringing us into a deeper hole. We are already in a hole,” he said.


Protesters continue to appear at the Texas State Capitol despite the closure

Shannon Ryan of FOX 7 Austin spoke to protesters, most of them boogaloo boys, about what she brought out.


Several armed demonstrations took place in the state capital this weekend.

They were small and there was no violence.

Patel, who believes the right to protest is important, hopes things don’t escalate. “I want people to understand that we are going through a pandemic. We have been through elections. We don’t have to agree on everything politically, but we have to agree on one thing, we are all human and we have to treat ourselves that way.”

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