Best Dumplings in Austin: Top Restaurants & Cafes With Great Dumplings

East Riverside
Even before you step through the doors of this restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, you areI’ll drool – you can smell the delicious aroma of spices that they cook with all the way to the parking lot. If it isn’tIf you don’t love at first sight, it will definitely be love at first sight when it comes to the variety of dumplings and the powerful sauces that go with them. The pan-fried dumplings come with a soy sauce where you literally lick the container for every last drop, while the pan-fried dumplings, generously filled to the brim with brightly colored shades of green, are lightened by the addition of a ginger -Citrus sauce.
How to order: You can dine or place an order on-line for collection for delivery.

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