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Fire truck chases through Austin

A wild Austin chase ends in Williamson County. Police say a man drove an Austin Fire Department truck overnight. When they tried to pull him over, he led them on a nearly hour-long chase into Jarrel. Spike strips were used to stop the truck. The man was arrested, but I-35 closed. As we mentioned in the traffic report, there are still some lanes closed around exit 275. This man’s name has not been published, and how exactly he came into possession of this Austin fire truck is not yet known.

Hostage situation in East Austin

A man is dead after a hostage situation in East Austin. APD chief Brian Manley says the suspect, an unnamed 21-year-old man, crashed a car into one house, ran away, broke into another and had a mother in her little one Child taken hostage when police arrived.

“And as you walked into this house, you met the suspect who shot the officers, and an officer returned fire at that point.” says Manley.

Manley says the stalemate ensued but later ended when the suspect who was holding the child revealed himself to police who took the fatal shot and ended the hostage situation. Both hostages were rescued.

Two arrested for various crimes

Austin Police believe that two men currently in custody may be tied to a range of crimes stretching from Austin to New Braunfels. Manuel Huerta and Jonathan Zavala were arrested this week on charges of killing two people late last year. However, police believe that at least 11 other cases date back to September, including serious assaults and car theft.

Combating Homelessness in Central Texas

Charles Schwertner, Senator for Williamson County State, has tabled a bill to allow cities and counties to work together on big issues like tackling homelessness. This is because the district executives blew up the city of Austin for alleged lack of communication when the city decided to buy the Candlewood Suites hotel for homeless shelters.

“We have to find a better way to address the situation of the homeless in central Texas, but what the city of Austin decided through its city council is not correct,” said Schwertner.

There’s a lot of tough talk going on from Williamson County right now against Austin. District Judge Bill Gravell is still very upset with the town for refusing to communicate about this Candlewood purchase.

“You crossed the line without coming to the table and talking. I am ready to have this conversation. If you don’t, we’ll take you for a meeting at the local courthouse and you won’t be happy with the outcome, ”says Gravell.

Gravell said only one member of the Austin Council was willing to communicate despite being the chief executive officer of Williamson County.

UK variant in Hays Middle School

According to the Hays School District, Dahlstrom Middle School will become 100% virtual in the next 14 days as the UK variant of COVID-19 was discovered in a student. Due to the increased infectivity of this variant, the district hopes to mitigate the spread by keeping people away for two weeks.

COVID-19 update

This morning, 13 fewer people have been hospitalized for coronavirus as the total approaches three hundred. According to Austin Public Health, there are again 411 hospitalizations today out of 3,695 active cases. That number of active cases is 151 fewer than a day ago, with 68,576 people recovering from the 72,972 confirmed cases.

Aid funding proposal

Austin Mayor Steve Adler is confident the $ 1.9 trillion Biden aid proposal will be approved soon. Adler says if nothing changes as proposed, states with counties that are funded by population will be guaranteed a minimum of $ 500 million.

“If this stayed the way it looked when it came out of the brand, it would look like Austin. We’re getting about $ 181 million and Travis County would get $ 249 million, “says Adler.

He says that would be more than the city and county in the first round of funding for the CARES Act.

Cap City Comedy reopens

The long-standing Austin store that closed last year is reopening. The Cap City Comedy Club announces that it will be booking local and national acts again at a new location in the domain from the fall. The Cap City Comedy Club operated near 183 and Lamar for 35 years.

Bumble goes public

Austin-based dating app Bumble goes public today with an expected AIPO of $ 2.2 billion. Bumble plans to sell 50 million shares for $ 43 each. A security filing states that this move could increase its value to $ 9 billion.

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