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COVID-19 update

Travis County has seen a decrease in hospital stays since this morning from a day ago. There are 265 people hospitalized for coronavirus, 42 of whom require a ventilator. 81 should be in the intensive care unit, which according to official information this week is quite common for every year. A total of 41,092 cases were found, resulting in 37,808 recoveries. 2,785 cases are said to have been active.

Today the FDA will consider approving the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Dr. John Carlo of the Texas COVID-19 Task Force says vendors will get their doses once approval is in, which means people could be vaccinated very, very soon

“From what I hear it could be any day for the vaccines when they come out. Remember, this is a vaccine from one company and we may have different vaccines, ”he says.

Among all Texas counties with a large metropolitan area, Travis County is still at the bottom of the list for active coronavirus cases. Travis County’s Health Department Mark Escott says this is a good sign of how effective the vaccine will be here, compared to other areas with rising numbers

“Like El Paso, the vaccine may be less effective because most of the population is already exposed,” says Escott.

However, due to the lower numbers in the Austin area, Escott strongly recommends that you get a vaccine as soon as it’s available to you, although for most of us it won’t be until next year.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has tested positive for COVID-19. Miller said in a statement that he is feeling a little under the weather, but he expects a full recovery. He says he will be in quarantine on his ranch if he deals with this virus.

Up in Williamson County, of the total of 15,003 COVID cases found there, 1,165 are currently active, of which 69 are in the hospital. 13,664 people have recovered. Round Rock has seen most of the falls in any town in the county.

High speed hunt in Cedar Park

We are expected to learn more today about an incident at Cedar Park that injured a dog police officer and his dog yesterday. Please tell that the officer was hit by a car during a high speed chase and the officer was treated in hospital for injuries. The dog received several stings from a veterinarian. One man was arrested, but it is not clear what started the persecution.

Austin Police Academy

Austin Mayor Steve Adler this week has again expressed interest in bringing the police academy back into operation this spring. However, he says this will require structural changes, including a much stronger focus on diversity.

“Realize that these cadet classes can really serve as change makers and change makers,” says Adler.

However, many reviewers point out that the cadet class, which was next in line that year before it was canceled, would have been the most diverse in the department’s history, including 51% minorities for the first time.

Governor Greg Abbott has put a lot of emphasis on the surge in violent crime in Austin this year. But he’s also concerned about other cities like Houston, where he’s now deploying DPS soldiers to respond to violence, including a series of street shootings. Abbott said the DPS supports the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Dan Patrick proposes changes in the Senate

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is again accused of moving the goal post against the Texas Democrats in the Senate. Patrick recommends changing Senate rules to prevent the Dems from blocking Republican bills. Previously, at least 21 of the 31 members of the Texas Senate were assisted to put a bill to vote. It was called the 2/3 rule. When Republicans fell below that number in 2015, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick lowered it to 3/5. Now he’s talking about bringing it down to 18.

“Now that Pete Flores has lost in the Republicans, it’s only 18. If the 3/5 rule had stayed, they would have needed a Democrat to come on board and help them pass laws,” says Mark Jones, political scientist at Rice University.

Tax allocation in Austin

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s monthly sales tax allocation report shows just over $ 790 million being shipped to cities and other tax counties, which actually mirrors numbers from early October. According to Hegar, this is a 3.7% decrease from the previous year. Austin will receive $ 19.9 million of this, almost 3% less than a year ago.

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