Austin’s Top Culinary Nonprofit Announces Statewide Expansion: Grants/virtual events support local food in four major cities – Food

After nearly a decade of supporting local food systems, the Austin Food & Wine Alliance (AFWA) announced a statewide expansion that includes more grants in major cities – a step in helping pandemic recovery over the next several years.

The newly formed Texas Food & Wine Alliance (TFWA) will be the umbrella organization overseeing AFWA, the San Antonio Food & Wine Alliance, the Dallas Food & Wine Alliance, and the Houston Food & Wine Alliance.

Official Drink of Austin is a signature event of the Austin Food & Wine Alliance (pictured here in 2019). (Courtesy of the Texas Food & Wine Alliance)

“The Austin Food and Wine Alliance’s positive impact on our food community is so great it is impossible to truly understand the scope. They can support a variety of uniquely different types of businesses and charities in a calendar year. From the Farmer The AFWA is a real small business owner in our great city and state, “said Chef Michael Fojtasek of Austin’s award-winning Olamaie in today’s press release.

To date, AFWA has granted $ 336,500 to “chefs, farmers, artisans, wine, beer, and liquor makers, and nonprofits focused on food,” as well as over $ 14,000 for emergency relief and pandemic recovery in 2020 launch in Dallas , Houston and San Antonio in 2021.

“From day one at the Austin Food & Wine Alliance, I saw firsthand how the community came together and how it helped keep the hospitality group together and grow in a positive and sustainable way. I’m so excited to have them in San Antonio, ”said Jason Dady, Executive Chef / Owner of several popular San Antonio Concepts and Austin’s Chispas in her press release.

“The pandemic has presented the Texas hotel industry with unprecedented challenges, and it will take many years to fully recover,” said Mariam Parker, AFWA managing director and now TWFA managing director, in the press release. “There is no greater time than now to empower, showcase, and support the breadth of Texan talent, culinary companies, and nonprofits.”

Tavel Bristol-Joseph, Chef Pastry Chef / Partner at Emmer & Rye, Hestia, TLV, Henbit and Kalimotxo, will be attending TWFA’s new Alliance Academy this month. (Photo by Jessica Attie)

While the current pandemic has postponed all of the organization’s personal events in 2020, TWFA is launching the Alliance Academy, a new online cooking experience, on September 17th. Each episode will “highlight the diversity of Texan foods and highlight the multiple influences, flavors and cultures that define the state’s cuisine. “In addition, viewers have the opportunity to participate in live questions and answers and cook together with the featured chefs and mixologists using the kits from the local Assembly Kitchen.

Chef Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi, owners of Nixta Taqueria, will be present for the opening season. Jackie Letelier, cook / owner of the sausage company Casero; Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph, pastry chef / partner of Emmer & Rye, Hestia, TLV, Henbit and Kalimotxo; as well as other excellent chefs from Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Philip Speer, head chef / co-owner of Comedor, will be featured in future episodes. Amir Hajimaleki, Chef / Owner of Roya; and Anthony Sobotik and Chad Palmatier, owners of Lick Honest Ice Creams.

TFWA will also host the seventh annual Culinary Arts Career Conference, a free virtual career show for high school culinary students across the state, October 26-30. You can find more information about TFWA as well as scholarships and virtual events at and on the TWFA social media channels.

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