Austin’s homegrown cookie company bakes up first-ever food truck

Tiffany Chen is a smart cookie. Austin-based co-founder of Tiff’s Treats, along with husband Leon Chen, has grown her cookie delivery realm from a domestic company to a four-state company with 60 branches over the past two decades. Now Tiff’s Treats is breaking new ground with its first food truck.

The new 30-foot food truck, custom built by Cruising Kitchens of San Antonio, is a far cry from the cookie cutter and has the same baking capacity as a Tiff’s Treats store. It includes 22 feet of kitchen space, two convection ovens, and a 12 foot shop. Foot signature blue Tiff’s Treats tape supported on the roof.

Tiff’s Treats debuted the sweet new ride during a visit to Dell Children’s Medical Center, where biscuit chefs distributed more than 200 dozen freshly baked biscuits to health care workers and patients.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to unveil our new travel kitchen than by visiting Dell Children’s to put the front line healthcare workers, children and their families in touch,” said co-founder Leon Chen in a press release. “We are very grateful to these healthcare professionals who provide world-class care, including our son who recently had an operation at Dell Children’s.”

Philanthropic efforts will fuel much of the truck’s activities and help expand the company’s fundraising program, which includes donating hundreds of thousands of biscuits to nonprofits each year and opening stores to benefit local charities. To date, Tiff’s Treats has provided more than $ 1 million in products and funds to nonprofit groups, according to the company.

The state-of-the-art Tiff’s Treat Food Truck will also make its television debut at the season premiere of Built for Business, Cruising Kitchens’ series about making food trucks. The show, which details how the Tiff’s Treat truck was made, will air on MotorTrend TV on November 19th.

“We are amazed how the team at Cruising Kitchens brought this idea to life with such a beautiful, functional design that we can delight cookie fans and nonprofits in our communities,” said Tiffany Chen. “When you see our Treats Truck, think about free cookies!”

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