Austin Water outlines mandatory water restriction measures

Tens of thousands in Austin without water

Many in Austin are without water after the city’s largest water treatment plant lost its power. While the facility is back online, there is no precise schedule of when the water will be back for all customers. FOX 7 Austin’s Tierra new boom has details.

Austin Water is reminding customers that the city is currently subject to a mandatory water restriction under the Boiling Water Notice dated February 17th.

Austin Water says customers are not allowed to do any of the following after the notice:

  • Use water for irrigation or for testing irrigation equipment
  • Wash vehicles, including in commercial car washes
  • Wash plasters or other surfaces
  • Add water to a pool or spa
  • Perform basic irrigation
  • Operate an ornamental well or pond other than the ventilation necessary to support aquatic life

Violations of these restrictions should be reported to Austin 3-1-1.


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Austin Water announced at 8 a.m. on February 20 that crews are continuing to repair infrastructure damaged by the recent frost and that water distribution has improved significantly.

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According to Austin Water, they’re just over halfway to the 100 million or more gallons of storage needed to build pressure system-wide. To expedite this process, Austin Water is reminding customers to get what they have.

“When the system stabilizes, your water pressure will go back to low and then back to normal. You can use the water right away, even if the pressure is low,” said Austin Water. “However, the notification of boiling water will remain until we can collect sufficient samples to determine whether the water is potable. Please continue to conserve so we can maximize the amount of water flowing into the reservoirs.”


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Austin Water encourages customers to continue reporting leaks using the online Problem Report Form, which is also available in Korean, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

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