Austin team rambles into small Texas town to launch newest concept

Where’s the beef? Smithville apparently.

This timely joke is in honor of Carne Lenta, a new butcher, bar, restaurant, and music venue in Smithville that was started by the Austin hospitality professionals behind La Holly and Taco Flats. The concept takes over the former Micklethwait grill shop at 114 Northeast Second St. with an opening date for Saturday, December 19.

Carne Lenta, which means slow meat in Spanish, specializes in slow-roast Mexican-style meat that is smoked in-house using 1,000-gallon propane pits. The cows are sourced locally, and the concept places particular emphasis on the use of the entire animal. The entire production, from processing to smoking, takes place on site.

As part of the daily business, meat is sold in the butcher’s shop for a pound or made into tacos with homemade tortillas. The pit master, butcher and restaurant partner Tony Olvera will also be on site to slaughter and process the animals for purchase in the shop along with sausages and other goods.

At night, the garage bar (Carne Lenta is in Smithville’s old Vasek garage building) turns into a happy hour and dinner service with an emphasis on meat. And with the La Holly team at the helm, pre-ban style cocktails will be the star of the drinks menu.

“Small town Texas encounters Mexican smoking and pre-ban cocktails in a city you would never expect,” said Simon Madera, owner of Taco Flats and La Holly, in a news release from NYC and Meat District Chicago. We do our own thing – take the meat we smoke and use every piece of cow to get a full yield. And we buy the cows on site. “

In Smithville, about 45 miles east of downtown Austin, Carne Lenta hopes to “anchor” the city’s growing food and music scene. The team, which is made up of an equal share of restaurant, bar, butcher and venue, hopes to be as leaders in the music scene as it is in whole animal butchery.

For the opening ceremony, the team won Guy Forsyth to perform on Saturday, December 19th at 2pm. Tickets are $ 10 upfront and $ 12 at the door.

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