Austin suburb welcomes sustainable homes starting at $220,000

Many homebuyers these days want affordability and sustainability. A new project near San Marcos promises both.

Two San Marcos-based companies, IBS Homes and Losaw Construction, are laying the groundwork for a 25-house development in the Brook Hollow Club Estates subdivision. The subdivision east of San Marcos is between I-35 and State Highway 130.

The couple Daryl and Jeannie Losaw own IBS Homes and Losaw Construction. Daryl Losaw says they build sustainable homes because it’s the right thing for the environment.

“We have to make a difference, and it’s my way of making a difference,” he says. “I can do it the old way everyone else does, but I’d rather make a better, new product that science is applied to …”

The project will offer four home models ranging in size from approximately 1,400 to 1,700 square feet. Each house will contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Prices range from $ 220,000 to $ 259,000. Each property covers at least a third of a hectare.

The prices of the new homes being built in Brook Hollow Club Estates are below those in other parts of the area.

In October, the median sales price for a home in the Austin metropolitan area was $ 365,000, according to the Austin Board of Realtors. In Hays County, where San Marcos is located, the median retail price was $ 305,000. The median sales price for a home in San Antonio was $ 261,200 in October, according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors.

There are already around 35 mobile homes in the Brook Hollow Club Estates. The 25 new buildings that make up the third phase of the 30 hectare subdivision will be the first traditional houses there. The first four houses are due to be completed in April.

The sustainable features of the houses include:

  • Metal roof

  • Energy efficient air conditioners and water heaters

  • Air cooling ceiling fans in every room

  • Spray foam insulation to reduce energy consumption

  • Solar roofs

  • Steel foundations that have a lower carbon footprint than typical concrete foundations

  • Not a garage cleaning up a potential source of harmful car fumes entering the home

Another advantage: The subdivision is in the district of Guadalupe, whose property taxes are lower than in the neighboring district of Hays. Guadalupe County is part of the San Antonio subway area, while Hays County is part of the Austin subway area. The property is located in the consolidated independent school district of San Marcos.

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