Austin Spooky Halloween Events Guide 2018

AUSTIN, TEXAS – It’s not too late to start making Halloween plans tonight. Here are some terrifyingly good points:

There are many places in Austin that are purported to be haunted – alleys, hotels, hospitals, prisons, and more. In the face of these supernatural ghosts, Austin Ghost Tours takes fans of the macabre to these spooky places to see for themselves. Have your camera or cell phone ready as you may be able to capture a ghost photograph while on the go. This is a pub crawl so alcohol is involved. “Our tours take you through areas where only nightly spirits dare to warm up stories from the past,” officials describe on their website. “We’re going to take you to some of the best haunted bars in Austin and follow in the footsteps of Austin’s very own Jack the Ripper. Our Austin tour takes you down to the haunted canals, inside haunted bars, outside haunted buildings and anywhere we can get you may sneak in to tell you ghost stories! The Austin Ghost Tour stories revolve around gruesome murders, accidental deaths and ghosts that just don’t go away! We tell all of these stories as we visit some of the most historic and haunted places Austin has to offer who serve drinks, of course! “The Austin Ghost Tour pub crawl starts in downtown Austin at the famous Buffalo Billiards on 6th St. From $ 25 per person.


2103 E M. Franklin Ave.

The idea of ​​watching a creepy film from the comfort of your own vehicle as you drive in has a certain setback. It’s also great for the crowd averse who still want to get immersed in the spirit of things. Demonstrations by Hocus-Pocus, Bettlejuice, The Exoricst and others are planned for Halloween. For more details click here.

Other ghost tours are possible with Haunted ATX, but with a particularly creepy twist: the tours are carried out from a hearse. Visits to places in Austin that are said to be haunted, including the Clay Pit, the Driskill Hotel, Littlefield House, the Tavern, and more. On the Haunted ATX website: “Haunted ATX is running the ONLY haunted mobile tour in Austin. You climb into a classic Cadillac hearse that has been converted into a creepy limo and visit several historic Austin landmarks that are reportedly haunted or have experienced paranormal activity including the Tavern, Driskill Hotel, Clay Pit, Littlefield House, and more. We get off the hearse and walk into the facilities frequently, but walking is minimal. Haunted Hearse Limo Tours are fun , inspiring and scary! ”Starting at $ 49 per person for regular tickets. More information can be found here.


2362 Ridgepoint Dr.

The House of Torment is known as Austin’s premier Halloween event and consists of several haunted houses. This year three new creepy houses have been added: Blackthorne Penitentiary, Darkest Dreams and Trick-or-Treat. Tickets start at $ 29.99 and can be purchased here.


4403 Guadalupe St.

This place is not for the claustrophobic or people who are easily anxious under the tough deadlines. He puts groups of people into rooms filled with puzzles and other challenging tests that must be completed in an hour to escape. This is less scary than fear inducing, which can be fun in the right scenario. “You and a group of family, friends or co-workers are locked in a room 60 minutes before you escape,” the Project Panic website said. “How? Use your detective skills and solve a series of puzzles found throughout the room. Our unique and challenging scenarios are always great ways to solve problems and have fun.”


Only the really brave dare to come here. We’re talking 20 acres of dense forest on Highway 304 in Bastrop, not far from the original site of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Count Them: Four (4) Haunted Houses – Mansion of Terror Phantoms; Zombie City: The Factory; Wicket Darkness: The Labyrinth; and slaughterhouse: Virgils Last Laff. In addition to the haunted houses, there are other frightening elements that guarantee fright. Madame Tiker will be on site to set up her Magic Emporium, where floors from the La Grange courthouse from the 1890s were stepped on by people taking their final steps in front of the gallows. The organizers invite those of legal drinking age to enjoy a drink for adults at the nearby Rabid Bate Vampire Bar, or families for a meal at the Cackling With Cafe and Bakery. Admission ranges from $ 5 to $ 29, depending on the package. Buy tickets here.

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