Austin Public Health releases COVID-19 vaccine distribution dashboard

Austin Public Health (APH) has released its COVID-19 vaccine distribution dashboard to provide updated information on vaccinations in Austin-Travis County.

The dashboard is updated weekly and shows the total number of doses administered by APH, ranked by priority age group, zip code, race / ethnicity, and the estimated Travis County’s population in 2019, with the percentage of ages 65 and over for context is.

There are more than 150,000 people who qualify as 1A or 1B, and APH has only received 12,000 vaccines a week since Jan 11.


According to the American Community Survey, Travis County has 129,645 people over the age of 65 who are composed of 68.2% White, 18% Hispanic American, 7.6% African American, 5.1% Asian, and 3.9% two or more races. The data shows that the proportions of COVID-19 vaccines administered by APH are consistent with the percentages of 65-year-olds in people who identify as Asian, Hispanic, and Whites, but not enough in people who identify as African-American .

Although 18% of the vaccines administered by APH are targeted at people who identify as Spanish, official figures suggest that this is insufficient to counter transmission rates in this population. Additionally, only 4% of African Americans in Travis County received the vaccine from APH, despite making up 7.6% of Travis County’s population aged 65 and over.

Health officials looking to improve COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Many across central Texas remain frustrated with the slow roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, and local health officials are hoping to improve its spread with a new call center. John Krinjak of FOX 7 Austin has details.

Officials say they have implemented several strategies to address these concerns, including:

  • Working with grassroots organizations to communicate the importance of receiving the vaccine.
  • Partnered with Travis County to proactively call community members of vulnerable populations, register them in the system and, if appointments are available, schedule an appointment.
  • Exploring options like mobile vaccination clinics that could also deliver the vaccine to local residents.
  • Strategically identify the most affected communities in setting up vaccine sales outlets.
  • Partnership with CapMetro to offer transportation to vaccine appointments.
  • Continue to distribute PPE with community organizations.


Further notes on the dashboard:

  • There are over 350 COVID-19 vaccine providers in Travis County that have been approved by the Texas Department of Health (DSHS). The APH COVID-19 vaccine distribution dashboard is limited to data on the doses administered by APH.
  • The assignment data displayed in the dashboard differs from the current assignment that APH received. The data do not include any vaccinations that were carried out prior to the electronic registration process. This information is entered manually by the staff. As the distribution of APH vaccines shifts entirely to the use of available technology, the data will better reflect the weekly APH allocation.
  • The DSHS Vaccine Card shows the total amount of vaccines served in Travis County, plus a link to the John Hopkins Vaccine Tracker.
  • APH will continue to improve the dashboard as more information becomes available

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