Austin power outages likely to last overnight, early Tuesday

Many Austin Energy customers are without power for hours

Nearly 40% of Austin Energy’s customers are without power, and many have been out of power since 2 a.m. Bridget Spencer of FOX 7 Austin discovers that officials are working to restore power, but that cannot be done until tomorrow.

An unprecedented winter disaster left enraged Austinites involved in power outages freezing in their homes. This storm has caused power outages across the city, and officials say the problem will likely continue into early Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday.

“We know that being out of power is extremely frustrating, annoying, and uncomfortable. We want our customers to know that we are doing all we can,” said Jackie Sargent, general manager of Austin Energy.

More than 2,000,000 people in Texas were without power Monday after a crippling winter storm blew through the state. Almost 40% of Austin was without power on Monday afternoon.


Rotating power outages occur in winter storms

According to official data, rotating outages in the Austin Energy area are taking longer than expected due to weather conditions and the condition of the power grid

ERCOT, the network operator for the entire state, requested rotating outages last night to reduce demand for the system. This is because the winter weather forced the generation of units also offline. Rotating outages occur in residential areas and small businesses in the city.

“We have planned circuits that do not have a critical load. The critical load consists of things like hospitals, control centers, fire stations … we need to power those places,” Sargent said.

Unlike summer, Texas doesn’t typically see this type of demand in winter. Leslie Sopko, a spokesperson for ERCOT, said the state has peaked at a time when, unlike summer time, plants don’t have the natural gas to run their facilities. Austin Energy said the power will be out until conditions subside. There were also not enough generating units to run the system. Many customers have been without power since 2:00 a.m. … including the Travis County Judge.


Winter weather is causing problems across Texas

Reporter Hunter Davis talks about how the Lone Star State has been affected by unprecedented winter weather.


Austin Energy made a statement late Monday night stating:

“Since Austin Energy was commissioned by ERCOT to reduce so much load in order to reduce demand, uncritical load circuits remain without power. Controlled failures via ERCOT will probably last until this evening + until Tuesday, as ERCOT is working on getting the electrical system back on to return to normal. ” Operations. For those in power, please keep saving. “

The storm made it necessary to warm shelters.

“We opened a thermal center at the Palmer Events Center,” said Juan Ortiz, director of homeland security and emergency management.

“The most important thing you can do to help our Austin colleagues is to stay off the road and conserve energy,” said Spencer Cronk, city manager for Austin.

If you have electricity, Austin Energy said, do whatever you can to conserve energy. The faster we do that, the faster the city can weather this unprecedented weather event.

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